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Wikileaks, CIA, or FBI, Encryption

Wikileaks, CIA, or FBI, Encryption Is Still Balancing Net Neutrality, Talks CMO of NordVPN

Accusing CIA of conducting mass surveillance, Wikileaks has created a hot environment by releasing a trove of documents. With this incident being the most...

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Equifax: 100,000 Canadians compromised their personal information by Cyber-security breach

Equifax Canada said an enormous cyber-security breach at the company may have potential to expose the personal information of about 100,000 Canadian consumers. Equifax is...

CSA’ Academy: Singapore is geared up to train cyber-security professionals

In order to surmount the flaws and gaps between demand and supply of cyber-security professionals, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) played a...

Estonia: India got aided by Europe’s leading cyber-security

The ranking by International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cyber-security index makes Estonia first in Europe in the field of cyber-security, this index ranked 195 countries...

iPhone X: Secure yet but flaws ahead, Cyber-security expert concerns

As Apple iPhone announced its most impressive iPhone to date i.e. iPhone X, It’s secure full of new and latest features that you might...

“Ban on Kaspersky can evoke regrets”, Russian respond to the US

As the government of United States has put ban on federal agencies for using a Russian brand of security software amid fears the company...

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Our Mission

People go online with a sense of freedom, willing to carry out their online activities in private but in these grim times the actual meaning of the term “privacy” has long been forgotten.

The crux which Beencrypted focuses on is, “privacy is everyone’s right. ” The mission statement of Beencrypted is to raise awareness, among the people, about why privacy matters and what should be done in order to protect oneself from the harms of online surveillance, data breach, and brute force hacking.

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