Best Free VPN Extensions & Add-ons For Your Browser

A typical VPN service is the one that provides you with more advanced features and better encrypting protocols. Also, they have vast options for their customers; however, they are a bit complicated to set up and manage, especially for the ones who are new to VPN technology.

On the other hand, a VPN extension is mostly a free service offered by the browsers. Whereas, most often a free VPN extension is easy to set up and connects at the time of usage. Also, popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera mostly provide their users with an access button for the extension to provide a one-tap solution to open the VPN.

Full-scale VPNs are a great solution for the ones who are questing for a permanent solution for all of their privacy problems including streaming restricted content, torrenting and P2P file sharing and other desires that require huge downloading limits. Yet, a free VPN extension is a light-weight alternative for casual use and consumes less space without affecting network speed.

To cater to our readers and to provide them an easy solution, we have selected some of the most popular free VPN extensions which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Giving them a read could provide you with better insight into them and will help you with consideration.

Best Free VPN Extension For Browsers:

Here are the top best VPN extensions which you get it free and install into your Firefox browser.

1. Zenmate – Security and Privacy VPN

  • Unlimited data with free VPN service
  • No log policy
  • Supported on Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS

Zenmate being a popular VPN extension has crossed a huge milestone of 41 million users according to them. It is a free VPN service based in Germany and is efficient with all of the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

The greatest advantage Zenmate users have is that they don’t have to face the frustrating data limits which most of the free VPNs possess. Also, a user while being connected to this VPN extension experiences a user-friendly and straight forward service. Zenmate VPN allows you to access blocked sites and content for which they provide location switches.

However, there are only four server locations offered with the free VPN service and you might face intrusive advertisements during browsing. Whereas, switching to the premium service could take you to a much-improved experience with the advancement in every feature.

Download: Zenmate as Chrome extension, Firefox add-on and Opera add-on here.

2. DotVPN – Better than VPN

  • Easy-to-use
  • Integrated firewall blocks all inbound connections to your device
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth

DotVPN is a free VPN extension with plenty of features including a claim by the provider that it is capable to ‘unblock the entire internet’. It’s one of the easiest VPN to operate i.e. you could simply turn it on with just a single click.

The users of DotVPN are provided with4096 bit key encryption that is 2 times greater than the banking standard. There are several added features that are unusual with most of the free VPN extensions. For instance, DotVPN protects your data through firewall protections along with the ad, tracker and analytics blocker. You are also provided with the statistics showing the number of ads, trackers, network attacks and analytics blocked in the past week.

DotVPN is an effective VPN extension; however, you may face difficulty while unblocking certain websites. Also, the free version doesn’t allow you to choose a server location of your own choice. Instead, they assign you the fastest server than change it automatically.

Download DotVPN Chrome extension, Firefox add-on and opera add-on here.

3. Hola VPN – Unlimited Free VPN

  • Access blocked websites
  • Ad-free

Hola VPN has gathered immense attention from the netizens and has reached 10 million downloads according to the website. Hola VPN is an entirely different kind of VPN service that passes traffic through its users instead of the server network.

Through Hola VPN you could unblock websites or censored content in your country, company or school with absolutely free services. Also, an additional extension or service is not required to be downloaded with this free VPN to enhance functionality. It’s an absolutely free VPN service without bandwidth limits. However, it has some privacy issues but is good for commercial purposes.

You can download Hola VPN Chrome extension, Firefox add-on and Opera add-on here.

4. Surfeasy VPN – Security, Privacy, Unblock

  • Masks your IP address
  • Easy-to-use
  • Protects your security on Wi-Fi hotspots

SurfEasy VPN is a Canadian-based VPN and an Opera software company. This VPN unlike the other free VPN services claims a clear no-log policy for its customers and allows you anonymous web browsing. SurfEasy VPN has its servers in 13 countries providing an adequate amount of browsing content from all around the globe.

However, for unlimited subscription and more advanced features users have to switch to unlimited premium plans. For increased bandwidth users could share it with their friends and by adding more devices to their account.

According to the website, SurfEasy VPN has attained more than 14 million downloads from all around the world.

Download You could get SurfEasy VPN Chrome extension, Firefox add-on and Opera add-on here.

5. Browsec VPN – Free and Unlimited VPN

  • Single Click easy connection
  • Connection speed up to 100 Mbit/sec
  • Encrypts traffic

Browse VPN is a popular free VPN extension that claims it to be trusted by more than 2 million customers all around the world. It allows you to access the blocked content through IP change. It’s easy to use and easily manageable free VPN extension that offers four virtual locations including United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and Netherland.

An unusual benefit that most of the free VPNs don’t provide is the unlimited data that is offered by the Browsec VPN.

You can download Browsec free VPN extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera here.

Enhance Your Browsing Experience With VPN Extension

These were some of the best VPN extensions that have gained an immensely positive response from users all around the world. However, the ones willing to have VPN as a complete solution to their privacy must check out Best VPN providers instead of switching to the premium services of their present free VPN extension.

This is because a VPN extension works more or less same and have an unclear privacy policy that could affect the internet users searching for permanent and efficient privacy solution.

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