The 5 Best Secure Browsers For Your Online Privacy

Better secure yourself with a private security-focused web browser before information breaching takes you down.


Article Summary:

Trump’s signature on the Anti-privacy bill empowered the ISPs to monitor and sell customer’s information with liberty, now many people looking for some best solution to hide browser’s history from ISP. This article brings forth the effective methods that you can utilize to secure your data. Using the best secure browser can ease your worries regarding the compromise on security and privacy. By working our fingers to the bones we have picked out the best secure browsers, which will ensure your freedom on the Internet.

Recommended Solutions

If you are using regular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or safari, you don’t need to install another browser to secure your history or anonymous your activities, you can simply install VPN App and anonymous your browser activity without installing another browsers.

There is only one difference between secure and regular browser, secure browser comes with builtin proxy and that will only secure your browser history and activity, also using another browser its frustrating to use. Instead of that you can use VPN App which will secure your whole network, whether you are steaming, downloading torrents or browsing anything with high end encryption.


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3 Simple Steps To Secure Your Browsing

  1. Get the recommended (NordVPN App or ExpressVPN App)
  2. Install the app or software
  3. Connect the app! That’s it.

The overturned FCC privacy rules by the Trump have given unfair powers to the Internet providers and have raised the netizens concern regarding their privacy. Also, these rules have moved many people towards the privacy tools that could provide them a secure Internet experience.

For this purpose, we have filtered out the Best Secure Browsers to cater all the requests and answers we are getting from the people. However, while exploring these browsers we have discovered some of the general issues people face. The regular browser users such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera are not use to of the complications these secure browsers have. On the other hand, you have to download it as added software, which will take extra space and ram to your system.

Instead of downloading and installing another secure browser software, you can simply install virtual private network (VPN) software that not only provides you security while browsing but also encrypts your traffic, which leaves you almost untraceable for the ISPs, government, and snooping eyes.

Findings: Using secure browsers to hide and secure your browsing history is really frustrating experience for regular users therefore, instead of searching for secure browsers you should look for anonymous tools Like VPN (Virtual Private Network) for securing your whole network, CEO, Finn Joe

5 Best Secure VPN Apps For Anonymous & Secure Browsing:

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2 NordVPN: 3.29 – month 78% OFF
3 ExpressVPN: 8.33 – month 35% OFF
4 PureVPN: 2.95 – month 65% OFF
 5 Private Internet Access: 3.33 – month 12% OFF

Secure Browsers VS VPN

Although, the secure browsers like TOR are also obscuring your IP address and encrypting your traffic like a VPN however, while using secure browsers your data is also being transferred to the third party. Whereas, a VPN is the only source where your data is dumped when you use a virtual private network for data encryption and privacy.

For instance, a secure browser has a service like VPN to protect their user data and that’s how your Internet history goes to the browser software as well as VPN server. Therefore, the ones who opt a VPN are more secure and protected from vulnerabilities than the private browser users. In addition, to that, the Best VPN services offer their customers with zero logging policy which almost vanishes your data history from every spot.

Browse the web with security and privacy with these 5 best secure browsers and have a carefree internet surfing experience.

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In terms of privacy and anonymity, Tor has proved itself as the major-league of best secure browsers.

The Tor network provides anonymous communication. Its goal is to protect a user’s privacy and sensitive information from a cybercriminal, curious to meddle with such stuff. Tor was developed in alliance with U.S Navy for the sole purpose of providing anonymous web browsing.

How Tor Works?

Data traffic analysis is the most desired armament in a hacker’s arsenal. It can help a hacker gain access to your most sensitive information. The fundamental encryption techniques don’t provide security against traffic scrutinization. The payload being the actual data gets encrypted whereas the header, that is information including source, size etc helping the data getting to its destination, is exempted from encryption.


Tor, being the best web browser in our view, prevents unauthorized surveillance by its built-in ‘hidden’ relay servers. It sends your data traffic through these relay servers which fulfills the purpose of a labyrinth and makes it unrecognizable for nosy pocket sniffers to determine the origin and destination of the traffic.

What are its browser features?

Tor browser makes you accessible to Tor network. It works in affiliation with U.S Navy and other law enforcing organizations for intelligence gathering as well as visiting websites without leaving a trace of government IP addresses in the site’s log.

Tor is a portable app which means that it can be installed on any removable storage device (like a USB) and hence its service can be used on any computer you are working on, regardless of the

Tor is an advanced privacy browser that has an easy-to-use slider unlike the regular NoScript add-on, which is included by default. The browser is immediately recognized by Firefox users with a few evident changes.

What are its drawbacks?

The major drawback is speed. Since your data traffic has to pass through a labyrinth before reaching its destination, your browsing performance will be affected. If the internet connection is poor; Tor might become troublesome. However, if the connection is good; it might be the easiest browser to carry on with.
Another problem is that Tor does not assure anonymity. Using Tor on public Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that you are using a VPN app to boost up your security.

This browser is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


These best secure browsers are deemed to be ideal if you don’t want to give Google and others to get their hands laid on your personal data.


Epic browser instantly disables many passages which might compromise your web browsing and strengthens your security.


Being one of the best secure browsers, it has a built-in proxy that helps you become anonymous and hide your location. It uses an active Do Not Track and exempts the traces, once you end a browsing session.

This browser is available on Windows and Mac.


It is a Chromium based web browser that’s the reason why many on-screen visuals appear identical. It keeps your data secure through the usual security methods. The major difference between Chrome and SRWare is data protection. This is the reason why it is one of the best secure browsers. SRWare excludes the use of an ID along with other Chrome privacy concerns such as search suggestions.


This browser is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


Comodo Dragon Browser is one of the best secure browsers but still, it is no match again for Tor Browser, but with its specialized assets, it makes web browsing much safer. It provides on-site malware scanning, secure DNS, SSL and domain validation, and block all tracking, cookies and web spies. It is also a Chromium based web browser, like SRWare, therefore it will not be a completely different adventure but rather will be a safer one.


This browser is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Among the best secure browsers, Avira Scout is a devoted Chromium-based web browser. Avira Scout is built with the focus on security and privacy. It piles up a variety of third-party security plugins within the browser.


It is undoubtedly one of the best secure browsers because of its exceptional features that include Avira Safe Browsing (blocks infected phishing websites), Avira Safe Search, Secure Wi-Fi implementing HTTPS (based on HTTPS Everywhere) when connecting via insecure Wi-Fi, and anti-tracking ability.

This browser is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Apart from these best secure browsers, you have many others to choose from, like Dooble, Opera, Yandex etc, but the four listed above are in my opinion worth downloading as you can rely on them with your security.

It is crucial for business owners to develop a relation with their customers based entirely on trust. Therefore, while choosing the best secure browser you need to make sure that your web browsing is not compromised at all.


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  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.EPIC BROWSER this browser limits what searches appear when you search, and I use search feature a lot. CHROME is too slow and a lot of problems with it, I had to uninstall it. IE is too leaky with viruses and spyware. A lot of issues with firefox too. Opera had too many bad websites, a lot of errors with it. Are there any others to try?
    Have just tried Epic for the first time.I spent some time testing it in numerous security sites and it passed with flying colors!It does not leak Webrtc or Ip address.
    It is fairly fast and worked well on my interactive sites.Hopefully, no future horror stories will come out about this one!!!


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