The new FCC chairman Ajit Pai has reversed the net neutrality rules, set by the former establishment of FCC and took the side of broadband providers who want the elimination of freedom given to the users to access the sites of their own choice.

The net neutrality rules basically stop broadband providers from treating the content on multiple websites, differently and users are free to visit any content they want unlike the activity is done by Comcast, reported recently. However, broadband companies with congress and FCC are trying to eradicate net neutrality rules, preventing users from accessing their wanted contents.

Not only this but new FCC establishment under Ajit Pai has given many orders which threaten U.S consumers.


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The rules passed by FCC in 2015 with regard to net neutrality were obtained as a result of consumer and advocate struggle in the way to protect net neutrality. Whereas, it also gets overwhelmed support from both republicans and democrats which were over 80 percent.

Although, this step didn’t stop the FCC and congress individuals from hurdling the net neutrality rules, but in fact, they are making it unclear so that we will be unable to discover them.

For instance, Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman is gradually eliminating net neutrality rules by exempting some providers from abiding by them. On the other hand, Congress has denied to vote in favor of  Jessica Rosenworcel, a democrat, for her renomination as a commissioner and also forcing her to back off so as to make FCC a republican dominant organization.

Also, FCC is trying to provide affordable broadband to low-income Americans, which seems impossible.

Every fare is transferring towards online media such as companies only gives job advertisement and except application online, educational information has also moved to the online media and the news related to any field reaches us first through the internet.  So, it has broad economic and practical applications if you have access to an affordable broadband.

But poor, rural, African-American or latino are deprived off getting the access to the broadband connection which is almost third of US population.

As broadband infrastructure completely lacked in rural and low-income areas, the government’s  Connect America Fund program could help it. However, Pai has an intention to put news conditions on the program, seems to reduce its effectiveness.

For the fact that many Americans cannot afford broadband service, the FCC has expanded the Lifeline program last April, which formerly was making an easy access to telephone service for low-income Americans and is now giving access to the internet through broadband access.

Nine broadband service providers were signaled by FCC to start participating, last year. But recently a  mean stance showed by Ajit Pai, who oppose the Lifeline program expansion and also stunted the providers from the activity.

It seems like FCC under Pai has created a tensed situation for American consumers. But the president must think it fair as he renominated Pai for another five years.


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