Amazon Announce To Launch Secret Region Service To assist CIA

The popular cloud storage platform, Amazon has announced to launch a service designed to assist CIA and other intelligence agencies. Amazon was already been in news due to the Pentagon data leak, however, on Monday they introduced a so-called Secret Region service.

Unlike its name, the service is not really a fully secret one. It’s just called the secret one due to its ability to host software and data which is classified into the “secret” level. With such capability, the Amazon web service will become more effective for intelligence agencies that have to deal with the sensitive information regularly.

Amazon being the super cloud managing service has many regions among the newly launched Secret Region. The largest region of its network is US-East-1 which is located in Northern Virginia. Therefore, when the services of US-East-1 are down, all of its connected apps have to face the hassle.

Since 2014, Amazon has launched a top-secret region for the US intelligence community. This service was constructed especially for the US intelligence in an amount of $600 million. The new Secret Region is a part of same Amazon-CIA deal.

But, there is a difference between the previous region and the new one. This Secret Region would also allow non-governmental intelligence agencies to file their paperwork assuming that they would be legitimate. The launched service is a collective work of Amazon and government to promote it as a way for US intelligence community to upgrade its infrastructure and more information could be delivered to the appropriate individuals in less time.


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