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Android Encryption Apps – Which is the best?

Android is the most common mobile OS today. It is also the focus of hacking attacks, as it's more connected and synced device with your everyday life....

The 5 Best Secure Browsers For Your Online Privacy

Article Summary: Trump’s signature on the Anti-privacy bill empowered the ISPs to monitor and sell customer’s information with liberty, now many people looking for some...
anonymity android iphone

How to Stay Anonymous on Your Android or iPhone

These days, it’s easy for your online activity to be tracked. Browsing the web anonymously isn’t just for criminals looking to hide their search...

Samsung, LG, and plenty android devices found with pre-installed malware

A severe infection has been found in almost 38 android devices, belonging to a populous telecommunication company and multinational technology company, as mentioned by...
encrypt your phone

Top 10 Best VPN For Android 2017 – More Encryption To Your Android Phones

Ever wondered how much your smartphone can say about you? From your online social habits to personal and financial information are all stored in...

Encrypt your Android Devices With VPN Protection

Android devices can be made more secure with a virtual private network (VPN).  Android is the operating system behind a great many mobile devices...


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