Which is the best free VPN For torrenting?


Hi Guys,

Just start getting curious about getting caught while torrenting, it’s been while i’m involve in downloading torrents, never get any issue, but from last two days i’m having throttling type issue. Since i’m searching for issue found that it might IP observation by ISP, that make me curious!

There are lots of guys  out there talking about getting legal notices while downloading torrents. so! which is the best free VPN for torrenting? which can handle least 10 torrents and provide great speed.

Thanks in advance!

Jasica Joel

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Posted by Jasica Joel (Questions: 27, Answers: 59)
Asked on August 1, 2018 2:27 pm
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If you have any issue regarding ISP throttling, you can follow these steps to get ride of : how to bypass ISP Throttling. this way you can evade and restrict other things from surveillance 🙂 also can be secure and anonymous option for torrenting.

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Posted by shamira (Questions: 27, Answers: 59)
Answered on August 2, 2018 12:41 pm
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Your concerns are right: there are many reason behind this, people usually thought they get caught whenever they start torrenting. It’s not like that, throttling means ISP now monitoring your data and traffic to concretely. And again its just for those who download torrents extremely, and you know normally people download torrents which is having copy right issues.

If you are involved in illegal downloads torrents, VPN could help, but you need to find some best free VPN for torrenting? right? there is Big No for that.


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Posted by James (Questions: 27, Answers: 59)
Answered on August 1, 2018 2:57 pm