Battle against Ransomware

The threat prevailing upon our global village nowadays is none other than the notorious ransomware.

The Internet is a huge platform that homes about a billion websites and their ever-lasting data. But what if the protection Internet offers is not quite up to the mark? What if your precious data becomes targeted by ransomware? How will you fight off such malicious attacks to protect yourself? In order to prevent these attacks, one should have a brief understanding of the ransomware.

So what is ransomware? It is a type of malware that stops the user from accessing his own operating system and thus prevent his access to the data. But once the demanded ransom is paid the hacker decrypts the data that he had encrypted.

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How to Beat Off Ransomware?

The real skill lies in devising solutions to prevent and beat off ransomware. There are many websites and tools that are working their fingers to the bones to raise awareness among Internet users regarding ransomware and its new exploits. But unfortunately, if you still get stuck in the worst scenario then some even offer tools to decrypt your data that the ransomware has encrypted.

Here are the 5 sites and apps that offer ransomware protection:

  1. No More Ransom (Web)

The blue-chip to beat off ransomware is No More Ransom. This website offers you cybersecurity advice which you can follow to avoid getting victimized by ransomware. As the name suggests the major advice by No More Ransom is to stop paying these crooks. No More Ransom has gone to that extra mile just to help you overcome your problem without losing money.

The site is a joint effort by the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands police, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre and two cyber security companies – Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security. Also, it updates timely about the latest malware and tools that help to decrypt the ransomware.

  1. ID Ransomware (Web)

ID Ransomware helps you in identifying the ransomware that has encrypted your data. It believes strongly in the quote by GI Joe that says, “Knowing is half the battle” and thus it helps you to figure out which ransomware you’re infected with. ID Ransomware directs you on the right path and tells you if there is a known way of decrypting your files.


ID Ransomware asks you to upload the ransom note and/or sample encrypted file that is inaccessible to you. It works out to detect the type of ransomware that you’re hit with. After detection, you may attempt to decrypt your locked files and become ransomware-free.

  1. Avast Decryption Tools (Windows)

In many scenarios, the worst has already happened and the cunning attacker springs up to demand ransom from you. You become inaccessible to your precious data. To loosen up the situation to a greater extent, Avast managed to decipher some of the most famous ransomware and also provided free tools to cure the infected files.

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Avast Decryption Tools offer not only ransomware detection but also it provides the free fix for the corresponding ransomware. Currently, the decryption tools offered by Avast are for Alcatraz Locker, Apocalypse, BadBlock, Bart, Crypt888, CryptoMix CrySiS, Globe, HiddenTear, Jigsaw, Legion, NoobCrypt, SZFLocker, Stampado and TeslaCrypt.


Getting rid of ransomware had never been so easy but with Avast Decryption Tools it has become a piece of cake.

  1. CyberReason RansomFree (Windows)

At present, CyberReason’s RansomFree is the best free tool to beat off ransomware. It is an innovative idea that offers ransomware protection.

CyberReason Ransomfree is free, anti-ransomware software that offers ransomware
protection against 99% of ransomware strains. It looks for odd entries instead of looking for the odd symptoms. Just when it detects ransomware, it suspends the user’s activity and warns him of the upcoming danger by displaying a popup.


CyberReason Ransomfree can be easily downloaded on your device in hardly 5 minutes by following their step-by-step installation wizard.

Ransomfree is free for Windows 7, 8 and 10, but there are no available versions for MacOS or Linux.

Download For Free: CyberReason RansomFree (Windows)

  1. Avast Mobile Security (Android)

As ransomware is becoming more sophisticated, your Smartphones are no longer immune to this threat. For this reason, Avast has pulled up your weight and once again has gained fame via the latest AV-test report.


Avast Mobile Security suite is a free app that provides all the features offered by paid apps. As with Android Smartphones, the manufacturers do not issue security patches and/or updates on time, so it is better to have Avast Mobile Security installed on your Android.

Avast Mobile Security serves more than just an antivirus and has bundle of exceptional features like Call Blocker, Privacy Advisor, Charging Booster, App Locker, Firewall (for rooted Android only), Junk Cleaner, RAM Boost, and much more.

Download for Free: Avast Mobile Security (Android)


Ransomware is regarded as the fastest growing cyber threat nowadays. In 2016, ransomware attacks cost over $1 billion by attacking individuals and businesses. Even if the antivirus has been installed ransomware has the ability to surpass this barrier and hence infect your device. It holds your data hostage until you pay the demanded ransom.

But now you don’t have to worry about it, as with the above-mentioned 5 sites and apps you can easily detect and beat off ransomware.

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