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With the extreme internet laws, most of the people are moving towards VPN services. Also, the increased surveillance practices and major cyber attacks have projected people to think about their privacy. Therefore, people who are new to VPN services are most likely to make a mistake in selecting an appropriate provider for them. Hola VPN could also be such a VPN for some users who have Hola subscription but they are thinking to switch and are finding best Hola alternatives.

Hola is a VPN which was previously a well-known service. However, there are the certain intense issues reported regarding the security loopholes the users of this service are prone to.

Why You Should Switch to Hola Alternatives


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Research has discovered the vulnerabilities in Hola Windows’s client, Firefox add-on, Chrome extension, and Android application. However, these could be an easy way to exploit the security loopholes in the Hola software.

  • Hola could be an ideal platform for the Targeted attacks through which they could gain code execution and probably enhance the privileges on a user’s system.
  • Hola can download and install additional software without user’s permission and knowledge.
  • It is exposed to be involved in selling millions of bandwidths belonging to the Hola users. The purpose of it as disclosed by the operator of 8chan is for reusing and was even used to attack his site.

The Hola founder Ofer Vilenski has defended the case with an argument that user’s idle resources are utilized for commercial sale but that has been the argument all along. Also, there were many such defending points Hola management has given but still the experts have recommended users to switch their VPN.

The back end process of Hola vulnerabilities and loopholes was described by the 8chan message board operator Fredrick Brennan, he says, “When a user installs Hola, he becomes a VPN endpoint, and other users of the Hola network may exit through his internet connection and take on his IP. This is what makes it free: Hola does not pay for the bandwidth that its VPN uses at all, and there is no user opt-out for this.”

This means that the IP addresses of a free service user of Hola VPN are regularly been exposed to the world through other users network instead of being clocked behind the private servers.

What Hola Users Have Experienced

Hola is a free VPN that has perks such as unrestricted access to various blocked content and it also doesn’t include ads. But it has a greater issue that users have experience and here’s what the issue is;

P2P servers are a feature of Hola VPN and that’s what creating major hassle and irritation for the users of Hola VPN. Due to these P2P servers, the users have to share their bandwidth with other Hola customers through a peer-to-peer system. This thing creates two troublesome experiences for the users.

  • Due to the P2P servers, the internet speed of all the users gets extremely sluggish and intense lagging is faced.
  • With a shared bandwidth you are also sharing the IP address with the user pool and you have no control over it. Therefore, you could be vulnerable to a trap in case anyone else is performing an illegal task with the same IP.

However, another way to judge the responsive behavior is to overlook the first-hand reviews of the Hola VPN users. These reviews are most trusted as a user has no benefit or loss for the product they are talking about.

Here are some views and experiences regarding the services of Hola VPN which people have on their social media accounts.

Issues Delivered to Reddit and Such Discussion Websites

Most of the issues reported on Hola VPN were on their free services. However, the premium users were also seen disappointed and frustrated with the flaws that were experienced while being connected to the extension.   

Annoyance levels of users confessing issues and facing problems due to the inefficient and flawed Hola services were much increased when they were unable to uninstall it. Even some of the comments from people showed that the Hola VPN extension reappears after a certain time period of its removal.


A long list of complaints hasn’t ended here. One of the most preferred streaming service Netflix was also inaccessible by HolaVPN due to the restrictions Netflix has placed on it. It has overturned many users towards the other VPNs which were renowned for streaming along with efficient security features. This is due to the fact that many individuals consider VPN for unblocking and streaming content

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Twitter Reported Issues

Social media has been the greatest platform for all the news and such regarding stuff. Therefore, the Hola users have also used Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms to address their issues.


The Netflix issue has also been greatly reported here from which streaming lovers must rethink about their option if they are considering Hola VPN as an extension.

5 Best Hola Alternatives You Must Be Looking For

  Tunnelbear VPN Windscribe VPN Zenmate VPN Dot VPN Betternet VPN

Server Locations












No-Log Policy












Supported Platforms











Desktop PCs /Android/iOS













Hong Kong




Simultaneous Connections












Security Protocols





IKEv2/ IPSec/  AES 256-bit


AES-256/ 4096-bit RSA key


L2TP/ PPTP/ SSTP/ AES 126/ AES 256


OpenVPN/ IPsec/ SSL proxy with 4096 bit key


L2TP/ OpenVPN/ AES- 256/ AES-128 bit


Compatible Browsers






Opera/ Firefox



Opera/ Firefox



Opera/ Firefox





Bandwidth Limit


500MB/M for free Version, Unlimited for Premium


10GB/M for free Version, Unlimited for Pro






DotVPN is one of the most popular VPN extensions and an epic solution for the ones who are questing for Hola alternatives. DotVPN has invaded the internet in 2014 and has gained an immense response from the internet users. Almost 10 million downloads of DotVPN are received from countries all over the world.

DotVPN has certain benefits for which users mostly consider it;

  • Unlimited bandwidth can be extremely beneficial while downloading and streaming heavy content.
  • Vast Server coverage with unlimited switching can provide you many improved chances of unblocking content through continuously connecting the servers until you successfully unblock your wanted content.
  • Easy to Use DotVPN is extremely helpful for the internet users especially the ones who are new to VPN technology.
  • Features like Free TOR inside and Integrated Firewall add an extra layer of protection to your internet browsing.

DotVPN is available for the download on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. It encrypts the user traffic with a 4096-bit key which is of double strength than the banking standards. Therefore, it is an intelligent choice for anonymous browsing and unblocking content.


Betternet is a VPN extension that was previously available for mobile use but could be downloaded as an add-on to the Chrome, Firefox and as an app for Windows. There are certain benefits that you get through betternetVPN which are faulted or completely absent for the Hola users. Therefore, BetternetVPN is also considered among the best option for the Hola alternatives.

  • No Data Limits with Betternet VPN gives its users a great exposure and satisfaction while downloading and streaming content which requires huge data. With many VPNs, users face annoying restrictions which limit them to a certain usage level.
  • Anonymity with Unshared IP address is the greatest advantage which you could not get through opting HolaVPN extension. The users are given complete anonymity with an unshared password and zero log policy.
  • One tap connection is possible through a connection switch that you get on your browser after downloading BetternetVPN. Therefore, it’s an extremely easily operated VPN service.

It is a VPN extension that could be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox browsers. It also supports most of the platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Windscribe VPN

If you are looking for a free VPN service with features equivalent to a paid VPN service than Windscribe is a robust choice you can make as a Hola alternative. The exquisite features that are offered by the Windscribe VPN are;

  • 10 GB data is a huge amount of data limit that is offered by the Windscribe VPN through which you can experience a tension free internet browsing.
  • Block ads, Web trackers, and Beacons on websites you use every day. This could immensely enhance your browsing experience as an extensive amount of intrusive ads ruins the web surfing.
  • DNS protector and Kill switch are the added features which you get while being connected to the Windscribe VPN.
  • link is a unique feature through which a user could check the number of trackers that exists on a particular website.

Windscribe VPN is compatible with all the popular devices such as Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac. However, a downside of Windscribe VPN is that they restrict the number of servers for the free service users.

Windscribe could be downloaded as an extension to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Zenmate VPN

According to its features and as claimed by the website, Zenmate VPN is a complete cyber solution to the VPN seekers. It is considered an appropriate Hola alternative that offers secure and private access to the content you love. That is why it has gained a huge number of users which is more than 40 million from all over the globe.

  • Huge Server network is amazingly helpful for users and provides them greater options for unblocking content and access to restricted sites. Also, the customers are provided with the facility to opt the server of their own choice.
  • Zenmate VPN protects you against third party marketers and trackers which evade the chances of getting various targeted ads.
  • Protects from IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks which are a feature offered by just a few of the VPN providers.

Along with that, Zenmate has a malware blocker that protects you from possible vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. However, you are given with just four VPN servers to choose from if you are a free VPN customer.

You can get Zenmate for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is a VPN service with efficient security features that take it up to the most recommended Hola alternatives. This VPN extension has an edge over HolaVPN due to some of the benefits users get through it.

  • AES 256-bit encryption which is the most protected and advanced encrypting protocol for data protection. Therefore, there is the lowest possible risk to your data traffic.
  • Efficient speed is another core feature that makes a VPN worth considering. You could stream content without facing annoying interruptions.
  • It’s a User-Friendly VPN service that could easily be handled by the users especially the ones who avoid prolonged connection process.
  • Users have a vast option for selecting the servers from 20 countries by their own choice. This means that unblocking becomes more convenient and easy with almost every content.

There are over 40 million users all over the world those have acquired TunnelBear VPN for their browsers. It supports almost all the device such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Ruko.

You could download TunnelBear VPN into your Chrome and Opera browser.

You Must Be Considering one from Hola Alternatives

Through knowing all these facts you must have ended up with a decision to opt one of the Hola alternatives. People already using Hola VPN might not have experienced such stuff may be due to their VPN usage or possibly there issue could not be judged such as bandwidth selling or IP usage.

Most of the Hola alternatives we have discussed in this article are VPN extension but they do provide satisfactory services. However, individuals looking for a complete package with robust security, smooth streaming, lightning speed, unlimited data usage, torrenting and much more stuff than you must opt a full pledge VPN provider such as ExpressVPN, CyberghostVPN or NordVPN.

However, it is better to buy a product through investing just a few cents instead of being a product yourself.


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