Best VPN For Torrenting & P2P File Sharing 2018

Since, all the torrent sharers are downloading the same file so they can see each other’s IP addresses, which expose your privacy over BitTorrent.

Also, torrenters have to face threats of copyright trolls, DMCA Notice, and internet providers notices. And sometimes caused ISP monitoring and throttling (internet speed limitation).

To tie this loose end, a VPN uses encryption & IP leak function to do the task. But which is the best VPN for Torrenting? What factors make a certain VPN best?

We tested 5 Best Recommended VPN by experts and found NordVPN is the best fit for anonymous torrenting.

2 / 5 Best Torrenting VPN

Here are the top 2 most fastest & Anonymous VPN we found!


 1 NordVPN
  • 550+ servers in 49+ countries
  • 6 Simultaneous Connection
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Download (44.5mbs) Upload (35.4/mbs)
  • Limited Time Offer

 72% OFF




 2 ExpressVPN
  • 137+ Servers in 87 Countries
  • 3 Multi Logins
  • Download (43.5mbs) Upload (32.4/mbs)
  • 256 Encryption Protocols

49% OFF





How To Select The Best VPN For Torrenting

You need to understand the fact that Torrenting takes a lot of bandwidth and speed on VPN servers, therefore, not all VPN providers support Torrenting so you have to be careful in selecting the right one. Download speed and bandwidth are of same importance as privacy and security are.

You should look for a VPN which not only state clearly its privacy policy but also guarantee unlimited bandwidth, speed, and its ‘zero logs’ policy. Not all countries are P2P/ Torrenting friendly and have legal implications for downloading via Torrent, so a VPN should ideally be based outside of surveillance legislations e.g. US, UK, Australia, etc. Best VPN for Torrenting separates the P2P servers to account for this factor.

After taking these considerations into account, the best VPN for Torrenting must be tight on its IP and DNS leaks and provide a Network Lock (or Internet Kill Switch) which kills all the Internet traffic upon VPN connection drop to ensure identity protection.


5 Best VPN For Torrenting & P2P File Sharing 2018

Keeping these factors into account, let’s look at our roundup for the best VPN for Torrenting.


#1 –  NordVPN (Location – Panama)

Countries: 57+ | Server Locations: N/A | Number of Servers: 760+ | Multi-Device: 6

Double VPN (VPN-over-VPN)
No Log PolicyMultiple devices do not connect the same protocol simultaneously
Optimized servers for P2P
Excellent streaming DNS

When you talk about Identity Protection, data integrity, and VPN, then NordVPN is the best security tool for such purposes. You get the most secure connection along with the latest mobile-friendly security protocol IKEv2/IPsec along with other protocols i.e. PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN. Additionally, you get Anti-DDoS and Double VPN servers separately for added security.

To support Torrenting, NordVPN has separate P2P servers in surveillance free zones which makes it the best VPN for Torrenting. Moreover, NordVPN is based in Panama, therefore it has strict NO log policy across its entire vast network of servers along with Network Lock capability.

One downside is that you cannot connect all 6 devices simultaneously on the same server with the same protocol; otherwise, it limits connectivity to only 4 devices. Other than that, NordVPN has a very reasonable pricing with a 30-day money back guarantee as compare to other competitors. Pricing Plan includes:


#2 – ExpressVPN (Location – British Virgin Islands)

Countries: 94 | Server Locations: 135+ | Number of Servers: N/A | Multi-Device: 3

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for Torrenting. They support P2P on all of their servers optimized for unlimited bandwidth and speed without any throttle. ExpressVPN encrypts your Torrent Traffic with 256-bit OpenVPN encryption on TCP and UDP along with Network Lock (Internet Kill Switch) feature.

Since ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, therefore, it favors NO log policy with excellent customer service. Although the service is a bit pricier than other VPN services it allows 30-day money back guarantee which removes the risk of money loss. Pricing Plan includes:


Excellent PerformanceA little expensive than others
Vast servers with responsive latencyNo free trial available
Optimized servers for P2P



#3 – PureVPN (Location – Hong Kong)

Countries: 141 | Server Locations: 180 | Number of Servers: 750+ | Multi-Device: 5

PureVPN is also our choice for best VPN for Torrenting. They advertise their support for P2P on categorized servers all optimized for unlimited bandwidth and speed. It also encrypts your Internet traffic with 256-bit encryption with security protocols – IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec – and Internet Kill Switch.

Two of its interesting features are Split Tunneling and Virtual Router. Split Tunnel separates your Internet traffic into an encrypted and non-encrypted form that allows you to do important work alongside your Torrenting on VPN. Moreover, Virtual Router makes your VPN software into a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect more devices along with separate 5 devices which it inherently supports on a single account.

Since PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, it has effective NO log policy but it dulls when its own DNS service faces the issue of DNS leak, which we experienced. Pricing Plan with 7-day money back guarantee is:


  • Great performance
  • No Log policy
  • Vast coverage of countries


  • No free trial available
  • DNS leak


#4 – Private Internet Access (Location – United States)

Countries: 25 | Server Locations: N/A | Number of Servers: 3263+ | Multi-Device: 5

Private Internet Access (or PIA) VPN is also our roundup for best VPN for Torrenting. They advertise their service as Torrenting friendly and have separate P2P servers optimized for uncapped speed and unlimited bandwidth on them. However, the download speeds weren’t great as compared to other services, but usable.

The VPN client software is basic and has built-in malware and advert blocking along with protocol selection from PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and SOCKS5 proxy. Although Private Internet Access is based in the United State; but their privacy policy clearly states that they have strict no logging policy.

The different pricing plans are close to each other so there is not much difference, all with a 7-day money back guarantee. The pricing plan is:


  • Huge network of servers
  • Cheap Prices


  • Average performance
  • No free trial
  • Blocked on some websites


#5 – Ivacy VPN (Location – Singapore)

Countries: 50+ | Server Locations: 100+ | Number of Servers: 250+ | Multi Device: 5

Ivacy VPN is our last roundup for best VPN for Torrenting. They have optimized P2P servers with consistent speed and unlimited bandwidth. Their desktop VPN software client is basic and easy-to-use with some advanced functionalities, but their mobile support is plain basic, cluttered, and hardly updated.

Since the VPN service is based in Singapore, therefore it has strict NO log policy which is good for Torrent purpose. They have revised their 7-day refund policy and now your options are limited to get a refund. You won’t get a refund if you have used Bitcoin or Payment wall payment methods, also you have used 7GB or more bandwidth, or you have connected VPN 30 times or more.

Ivacy provides variety in their pricing plan, all with a 7-day money back guarantee. The pricing plan is:


  • Above average performance
  • Affordable pricing plan


  • Below average mobile support
  • Limited conditions of refund



What is Torrenting?

The simplest definition of torrenting is the sharing and downloading of files.

It is most probable that you have heard it as illegal but that’s not true. Torrenting isn’t illegal entirely, yet some of the fares are considered illegal.

People upload the files on torrent sites so that the other internet users could download it from there. Whenever a user starts downloading a file, he/she needs a torrent client to assemble the bits of the file.

This is because when the user starts downloading, they get into the torrent swarm of the ones who are downloading the same file at that time. Every person in the swarm is downloading and uploading the file at the same time because everyone gets a different piece of the file and the one they are uploading the bit of downloaded file to other torrenter.

Through such execution, the downloading process becomes much faster and uncomplicated. Also, in case of any disturbance in file downloading you could resume the process from the same point.