What is a cross-site request forgery, and how can we avoid falling victim to such attacks?

A number of cybercrimes involve forgery, which essentially involves creation, modification, or possession of false documents to be used in fraudulent schemes. It entails misrepresentation to achieve an illegal or felonious goal.  Phishing, for one, incorporates some form of forgery as it attempts to deceive people. A forged website or login interface, for example, makes … Read more

How AI Helps to Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

Given the dire nature of the current, ever-evolving threat landscape facing enterprises today, the robust implementation of cybersecurity is no longer something that organizations can stall any further. In order to ensure that an organization upholds it’s business and security functions, it is highly crucial that an organization hires the “right” cybersecurity professionals to formulate … Read more