encrypt your phone

Ever wondered how much your smartphone can say about you? From your online social habits to personal and financial information are all stored in that tiny device of yours. People use smartphones all the time especially Android phones and roam around public places with public Wi-Fi accessibility. That is where snoopers and cyber criminals come into action and forcefully access your smartphones by using different tactics to steal your sensitive information for their benefits. Therefore, using the best VPN for Android has become a necessity to secure your smartphone all the time. Virtual Private Network – VPN for Android has grown popularity as a securityRead More →

encrypt bittorrent traffic

Torrenting somewhat always have dark perception, because of the illegal uses of BitTorrent such as downloading copyrighted material including movies, music, software and many other. This guide will help you to encrypt BitTorrent Traffic. Such downloads are usually large and put heavy pressure on your (ISPs) internet service provider’s servers. Your ISPs, in turn, throttle your BitTorrent traffic on their networks. By such action, your BitTorrent downloading decreases. Since torrenting is so popular, more and more ISPs are not implementing methods of throttling BitTorrent Traffic (also called shaping traffic). If you are not sure if your BitTorrent is being throttled, check out the list ofRead More →


Using computers in the office is the conventional practice for modern day business style. But this practice can sometimes appear expensive and cumbersome to many CEOs. From regular maintenance to protecting the files on your computers from being infected with viruses and malwares, if you are not ready to hire an engineer, you will have much to worry about concerning your office network computers. While doing this yourself might end up leading you to not doing anything in a whole working day, you might as well create many problems for yourself. And the most tedious aspect of it is securing the computers from viruses andRead More →

Encryption is a method used to enhance security and privacy of the data or information that is sensitive to be accessed by any random person. Encryption is a name of the process which converts the actual data and information in an unreadable and coded format, which is protected by an encryption key set by the authorized user only. The data can be decrypted when the authorized user correctly enters the key. There are different categories of Encryption like file encryption, full disk encryption, device encryption and the VPN encryption. Cyber crimes are very common these days as hackers, spammers and other snoopers including the governmentRead More →

linux disk encryption

There are many reasons you must encrypt your Linux PC so to avoid the data to be shared with not only hackers, spammers and cyber evils but to safeguard it from intruders which have the physical access to your computer like freaky office mates, friends etc. The best solution is linux disk encryption. Encryption is a method to secure your data by converting them into an unreadable form protected by an encryption key, accessible only by entering the encryption key. What is Disk Encryption? Disk encryption is a wonderful data security method for a computer which ensures that your data is stored in an unreadableRead More →

network encryption

What is a Secured Wifi Network? As Wireless network (Wi-Fi) has changed our lives and how we use the internet for good and now it is easier for everyone in a home to connect their devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets to the internet without any hassle and mess of cables. When it was the time when we were dependent on the huge mess of cables that were necessary to provide us the internet connection by connecting us to the source PC so that we can receive the connection. At that time stealing or interfering the internet connection was almost impossible, but with the advantage,Read More →

Ultimate Encryption Guide

When we hear the word encryption on the news, it stirs up 007 secret agent images with a briefcase full of advanced technology for picking every lock of the world. However, that is just imagination! We are secret agents of our own as we all use encryption almost every day, even if we do not understand the “why” and “how” of it. This guide answers your question, what is Encryption and how does encryption work, and helps you encrypt everything. Today, as the world is experiencing the cyber criminal activities at mass scale, data security is an important priority and necessity of every person. Almost,Read More →

encrypt your phone

Encryption is a method to protect the data stored on any of your device, a laptop, a PC, a smartphone or any other gadget that you use to store your data. The word Encryption may seem a bit technical but it simply means password protecting all your sensitive and confidential data that you don’t want to put at risk. In the investigation case of a shooting incident which triggers a battle between Apple and FBI which enhanced and raised the need for encryption, you might have another opinion about the case but you can’t deny the importance of keeping the data secure with a personalizedRead More →

Email Encryption

With increasing privacy threats over the internet like NSA monitoring all your activities and threats of cybercriminals you must be thinking about your privacy and security protection steps. These days we share our sensitive information through email like our bank account information, Paypal account is connected to email, your private conversations with friends and family and even you don’t email your confidential and sensitive information like social security numbers, banking info, business secrets, and so on even then you need to protect your email data, so if you ever get scared imagining about getting all these information in the wrong hands then you must needRead More →

best encryption app for iphone

If you care about your online privacy and security then there are many reasons to have encryption app for iphone device, such as public Wi-Fi with insecure network access where people on the same network can snoop your data, you are using your iPhone on the corporate intranet network where people have access to your history, or you just want to bypass restrictions in china or other regions to access your favorite content. Best Encryption App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iPhone encryption app helps you encrypt your internet activities on the go, whether you are at home, traveling some place or sitting at some corporate office.Read More →