Tips from Prepaway : How to Prepare for CompTIA Security+ Certification and Pass SY0-501 Exam?

CompTIA is a non-profit organization which specializes in vendor-neutral professional certifications in the IT field. Credential program from CompTIA covers different IT domains among which are IT fundamentals, security, network, cloud, server, Linux, and more.

Security+ SY0-501 is one of the globally recognized certifications offered by CompTIA. It focuses on the current cybersecurity problems and the appropriate techniques to mitigate them. Cybersecurity has become a major threat in the current world. Therefore, the demand for highly trained security professionals is increasing each day. Luckily, CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 is here to provide valuable solutions to this menace.

PrepAway is a credential that any IT professional can have. It confirms that you possess the necessary skills to execute basic functions such as performing threat analysis, mitigating treats using the appropriate techniques, installing and configuring systems to secure networks and devices. It also proves that you understand and abide by the applicable laws, policies, and regulations. So, if you want to attain Security+ credential, then this Exam-Labs guide will be of great help to you.

Exam details

To achieve Security+ SY0-501 certification from CompTIA, you are required to take exam SY0-501 and pass it. The certification has no formal prerequisites, however, it is recommended to have CompTIA Network+ certification and at least 2 years of experience in IT security administration.

SY0-501 exam contains multiple-choice and performance-based questions (no more than 90 in total). It takes 90 minutes to complete this exam. Exam SY0-501 is available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and English.You are also required to pay $339 USD for the exam.

The new exam update

Due to the changing technology and the increase in cybersecurity problems globally, exam SY0-501 was recently updated. The updated version has these key items:

  • The updated version emphasizes hands-on skills in identifying and solving security threats, vulnerabilities, and security attacks.
  • It also puts more emphasis on the specializations pertaining to cybersecurity jobs, for instance, security analytics.

Advantages of this credential

  • Due to the rising cybersecurity issues, CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 emphasizes the hands-on knowledge and skills to ensure that the IT professionals are well prepared to tackle any security issue that arises.
  • The updated version contains practical questions in the exam which ensures that the candidates acquire the ideal skills required throughout their career in IT.
  • CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 credential is one of the best optionsto prove your skills and expertise in cybersecurity on the international level.
  • Upon completion ofyour certification, you will be eligible to represent your company or organization in seminars and events that concern cybersecurity.
  • More so, CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 credential opens a way for you to progress to another advanced credential such as CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+).
  • Finally, earning CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 certification helps you to stand out in any job interview because CompTIA is globally recognized by the hiring managers.

Exam-Labs checklist: how to prepare for the exam

Sometimes the exam may make you uneasy every time you think about it because of the anxiety and restlessness that comes with exam preparation. We believe that these tips will help you as you prepare for exam SY0-501:

Create a study plan

It is important that you plan your studies. Choose the topics that you wish to start with and allocate appropriate time for each topic. Maximize your strengths and work on your weakest points. Remember to indicate the sequence in which you will read on the topics.

Understand Security+ SY0-501 concepts

Well, there is no point in achieving the certification if you have no idea of what it entails. Ensure that you are well conversant with the topics and the content of Security+ SY0-501. Review the coursework, study material, exam objectives, and any other training materials in order to grasp the ideal knowledge.

Manage time

Time management is the best skill to invest in! Start your studies and revision early enough so that you have sufficient time to read and understand all the content. Having enough time means you have a better chance of answering as many questions as possible during the exam, hence, scoring better marks.

Practice self-testing

This art helps you to gauge yourself and find out which parts require more practice and reading. You can do this with the help of practice tests, which consist of the past exam questions and can be easily found on the online platform such as Exam-Labs. On Exam-Labs website, you will find reliable and updatedpractice tests which will definitely boost your knowledge and help you to get used to the exam pattern.

Take a rest!

Yes, rest! The continuous study tends to reduce your ability to grasp whatever you are studying. Take regular breaks to relieve the tension and then continue with your studies. Regular rest should include doing things or activities that are not connected with your learning. You can decide to jog along the street during your time of resting or do something completely different.


CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 credential enables you to catch up with the latest trends in solving old and new security threats. Owning this certification will open doors for more opportunities in your profession. It is really important that you pursue this credential if your intent is to have a successful career. All you need to do to get this credential is to use dependable resources and don’t forget about Exam-Labs website. The result is worth all the hard work and the sacrifices you made in order to achieve this certification!

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