Another Massive DDoS Attack Shuts Down Popular Websites

Github, Twitter and a long list of known websites are inaccessible for majority users worldwide due to the Distributed denial-of-service DDoS attack on the DNS infrastructure of cloud-based Internet management company Dyn.

In recent weeks, we saw the massive attack of 1Tbps DDoS attack at French company OVH, some experts called it as massive DDoS attack in history. This time the latest victim of the DDoS attack is renown Dyn DNS provider.

The long list of affected websites includes Esty, Twitter, GitHub, Spotify, PagerDuty, SoundCloud, Shopify, Airbnb, Heroku, and Intercom.

Called as “global event,” GitHub has informed users its upstream DNS is being affected by the attack. Twitter went offline for roughly 4 hours in total.

According to Dyn, the DDoS attack started at 11:10 UTC and affected its customers in the east of the United States. However, people in Asia and Europe has reported no such issue in their part of regions. According to DynStatus.

Investigation: Starting at 11:10 UTC on October 21st-Friday 2016 we began monitoring and mitigating a DDoS attack against our Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure. Some customers may experience increased DNS query latency and delayed zone propagation during this time. Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

Update: Dyn Managed DNS advanced service monitoring is currently experiencing issues. Customers may notice incorrect probe alerts on their advanced DNS services. Our engineers continue to monitor and investigate the issue. – 18:23 UTC

Update: This incident has been resolved. – 22:17 UTC

Experts at FlashPoint confirmed that the botnets used in DDoS attack at Dyn were affected by Mirai malware.

Increasing, DDoS attacks against Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be highly problematic, especially when the attackers are capable of conducting powerful attacks, such as Mirai, which is being used for DDoS attacks in increasing numbers after source code leak.

Peter Kendrick

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