What to expect from Artificial Intelligent (AI) in 2018?

Emerging technologies are already at a swift; however, the coming year could embrace prominent advancements in various aspects of life which are expected through increased AI involvement.

Dreaming of a driverless car and having access to huge data set with the customized result in just a few seconds will not remain a friction anymore. Although we have seen a considerable amount of the AI picture in this year, still there is much to be witnessed.

“Companies are embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet their digital security requirements in response to a (some say “perceived”) lack of skilled human personnel. Assuming this trend continues, I’ll be curious to see what security looks like in the next 5-10 years. What functions will human IT security analysts perform in the future?” says David Bisson, an infosec journalist.

Basically, the foundation for smarter and faster AI has been laid in 2017, now we will probably see the bloom in 2018.

Enhanced Job Seeking Experience

From millions of search queries for a particular job designation, located in one country among the huge list, an individual could get a result in just a few seconds. According to a report, an extensive number of more than 200 million users quest for jobs in just one month.

However, artificial intelligence has simplified the process to the greatest extent. Using the AI technology, search engines could provide highly customized results after a prudent reviewing of the job seeker’s data. Through such provided ease the job aspirants could efficiently locate their dream job.

On the other hand, the employer would be provided with the more accurate depiction of what efficiencies an employer demands from the employee. Therefore, a job seeker could better decide to select a job or not according to the facilities provided by the employer.

The handling and management of such a huge amount of data are effectively monitored with the help of AI, thus a much-enhanced job seeking experience is about to emerge in 2018.

Upgraded Medical Care Would Become More Effective

Medical care and healthcare facilities are a concern for almost all of the individuals living around the globe. With such a great application of it into living spheres, it is one of the most crucial industries and therefore has incorporated many latest technologies.

With the help of Artificial intelligence and working with big data, the scientists are about to discover the treatment for deadly diseases like cancer. Yet, the early diagnosis of cancer is possible now. These disease handling could be possible by analyzing patient’s history and AI will be capable to understand the operations of the disease. Therefore, doctors could proactively work against the disease instead of being reactive to it.

The AI assistance is efficiently working with the robotics. Expected to bloom in the coming future, the virtual healthcare workers would amazingly improve medical facilities. For instance, real robots could analyze patients, notify doctors, and could also send a warning in case of emergency. According to a report by Gartner, 50 percent of the world’s population will rely on “virtual personal health assistants” to perform their routine tasks, until the year 2025.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence will evade error possibilities to a greater extent as the chances of the machine making a mistake is considerably less than human errors.

Evade Risk Factors From Economic Fares

Finance is a department that needs a keen attention and proper management, whereas a minor error could disturb whole economic system or data. On the other hand, it is notable that AI is a potent source for big data, analysis, and everyday tasks that are performed through machines.

AI will prove to be an overwhelming source for predictions based on previous data along with the minimization of errors in data analysis. This predictive analytics could efficiently hinder the fraud or similar practices.

However, AI could provide businesses a way to better analytics as compared to humans, provide complex reports out of big data, and also it could minimize money-investment to a greater level. Overall, the financial industry may have a better stability and efficiency with AI insertion.

Increase In Customized Personal Care

Intelligently improvising personal assistance applications like Siri and Cortana are not unknown terms now. These are already at their most to provide customized personal assistance. With the help of data analysis, the system will be capable of gaining better insights into the customer behavior, preferences, and their patterns. Therefore, it is an obvious presumption that in near future the assistants will provide better services through this collected information.

Such personal assistance is ideal for the marketers as they could enhance their marketing campaign through customer preferences and information. It will greatly improvise the stronger connection between marketers and the users.

Will Take Over Most Sectors

The overwhelming wealth in technological advances can be accurately labeled as AI. With such an immense diversion, artificial intelligence is expected to grow more with invasion in almost all the life spheres.

The worldwide numbers of robots are increased at a very rapid pace for which the Forecast predicts that almost 1.7 million new robots will enter the world’s factories till 2020. Therefore, many human workers are displaced from their jobs which might be beneficial in many ways but could also be destructive for many job aspirants. On the other hand, the computer algorithms could execute shock trade in a fraction of seconds which is immensely rapid than the humans.

From watches to appliances like fridge and smart TVs, the internet connectivity is now available in most of our routine life things. However, a broader impact is lined up to pop-up in near future. For instance, Google has been working on driverless cars since 2009, the perks of which could be witnessed very soon.

Prompt Advancements In Smartphone

The injection of AI technology to the Smartphone will effectively transform the device and its probable usage. This was acclaimed by Felix Zhang, with the head of Consumer Software Engineering and director of Intelligence Engineering, Huawei.

The predicted improvements will primarily appear between the users and their Smartphone across text messages, voice, image, video clips, and sensors. However, the later enhancements will efficiently provide services and aggregated information across the apps, content, third-party features and native features, Zhang said.

Along with these major trends, there is a trove of AI possibilities we would be experiencing in the coming years. The upcoming advancements would greatly alter the way we are living, although this might not happen right away soon AI will power most aspects of our lives.

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