Australia Data Retention Is In Effect – Here’s How To Protect Yourself

australia metadata retention

The countdown for ‘intrusive data surveillance’ has expired after 18 month deadline and from this day forward every ISP and Telco in Australia will be bound to perform meta-data retention of every single customer in Australia for at least 2 years. In October 2015 Australian parliament passed the metadata retention bill and gave all the … Read more

Wikileaks, CIA, or FBI, Encryption Is Still Balancing Net Neutrality, Talks CMO of NordVPN

Wikileaks, CIA, or FBI, Encryption

Accusing CIA of conducting mass surveillance, Wikileaks has created a hot environment by releasing a trove of documents. With this incident being the most surfaced issue nowadays, many concurrent controversies regarding mass surveillance and malicious attacks on sensitive data have been reported. Crowd pleasing social websites, tech giants and the most powerful governments have also … Read more

Wikileaks May Severs Ties Of CIA & Silicon Valley, Says Former CIA Chief

Former CIA director David Petraeus viewed the recent outburst of WikiLeaks document Vault 7 as a vendor causing the developing relationship between the spy agency and the tech industry again to unstable. According to Petraeus, the WikiLeaks exposed documents, claiming allegations against CIA’s hacking tools could be as damaging as Edward Snowden’s revelations about the … Read more