How to Access Dark Web Anonymously?

The dark web which is also known as ‘’Darknet’’ is the most intimate part of the internet which cannot be accessed by any common software. Researchers claim that only a small part of the internet is open to the general public. In other words, it means that a large section of the internet is all darknet.

Although it is easy to access the darknet, it is even easier to be caught on the dark web if you don’t get take the precautionary measures. If you are new on the dark web so, you must need proper guidance before using it.

The fundamental priority of users when using the dark web is anonymity. Users want an excellent level of privacy, security, and anonymity while using the dark network.

Anonymity is the beauty of the dark web. If you are anonymous while using the dark network so, you are free from all kind of surveillance. It also means that the snooping eyes of the law enforcement agencies and governments can’t recognize you.

It is often believed that there is nothing like 100% anonymity. We can make it to 99.9%, but it can never be 100% anonymous. But the critical point here is how to make it even 99.9%?

Well! I am talking about being anonymous while accessing the darknet. If you also want to know about it, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will first discuss how the dark web works? And later in this article, we will discuss how to access dark web anonymously. Let’s find out more.

Working of Dark Web:

The dark web is a superimposed network. In other words, it means that it is a network place over another network. By using special software, you can access the dark web safely and anonymously.

Many users who want to access the dark web use a Tor network. Since the Tor browser is denoted by an Onion Router which consists of many layers of the onion and so does the Tor network, when Tor browser is downloaded so, you can access various websites which use the onion domain.

Here you should note that the onion sites don’t use the consistent DNS system which the Clearnet uses. Generally, when you type the URL in the address bar and hit the enter button so, your browser looks for the DNS address of the URL and takes you there. However, if you try this with an onion domain in an ordinary browser, then you will go nowhere but will found an error screen.

There is a difference in how the dark web processes your data and your route across the internet towards a hosting server. The dark web is structured in a way that it aims to keep the sites, services, and users anonymous. When you use a Tor network to access the dark web so, your traffic data passes through various anonymous nodes from your system to the specific onion websites you want to connect.

How to Access the Dark Web?

The most simple and easy way to access the dark web is to use the Tor browser. It is a modified version of the Mozilla Firefox browser which uses an HTTPS, NoScript, Tor button, and Tor Launcher everywhere.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to access the darknet.

  1. Go to the official Tor Project site and download the Tor Browser from here.
  2. Choose the Download Tor Browser button and once the download is done then install it.
  3. After installation, open the browser and if it informs about any update then install it quickly.
  4. You will finally see the welcome message to Tor Browser. After reading the handy tips, you can start using it to access the dark web.

Can You Use a VPN to Access Dark Web?

Connecting to the internet with a VPN is very useful in today’s world. You must use a VPN when you want to access the dark web. Using VPN while you are online will protect your internet traffic and will provide you additional security which increases your online privacy.

Using a VPN will prevent hijackers and hackers from stealing your data, personal files, and identity because it hides the user’s identity and encrypts internet traffic. A VPN will replace your original IP address with the one provided by the VPN service provider.

All you need is to use a VPN with a good reputation and which is reliable too. To access the dark web, you need a VPN like the Express VPN because of the exceptional features it offers to its users.

The Express VPN keeps no logs, provides super-fast speed, strong encryption, and is also stable to use. Also, it accepts Bitcoin as a payment and most importantly hosts a mirror site on the darknet which is accessed through Tor; therefore, it is the most preferred option to choose.

It is important to note that if you want to access the dark web by using a VPN, so you need to use VPN over Tor rather than Tor over VPN. There are several reasons for doing so. But the best one is that it is much secure and provides greater anonymity to the user. Thus, if you want to access the dark web, so you first need to connect to the VPN and then the Tor browser.

By doing so, all you’re activities on the dark web will become anonymous from your ISP and other surveillance agencies as your internet traffic will be strongly encrypted.

Everything on Dark Web is Illegal?

The dark web is a network of various anonymized servers. The legitimacy of the dark web depends on what you are accessing and also on your jurisdiction. The dark web is not always illegal.

Majority of the users uses the Tor network to access the dark web. The Tor browser uses strong encryption to secure users and their internet traffic. Thus, anywhere where strong encryption is considered illegal, accessing the Tor browser is also unlawful.

The Tor network starts to work as an anonymous communication channel and until now it still serves as an appreciated purpose in assisting people in communicating in environments which are hostile to freedom of speech. There are countries where there are severe restrictions on freedom of speech and access the internet is also considered as a criminal activity.

The dark web will also benefit you if you want to acquire knowledge about privacy and cryptocurrency. There are various offers offered by the dark web. It includes several different private and encrypted email services, a guideline for installing an anonymous operating system and some advanced tips for privacy-conscious people.

Moreover, there are materials which are available on the dark web and not available on the public web. It includes links to full-text editions of some books which are difficult to find usually, a compilation of political news from different mainstream websites and also guidance to steam tunnels under the Virginia Technology campus.

You can also lead anonymous discussions about current events on Intel Exchange. There are various sites which include a dark web version of WikiLeaks. Also, a BitTorrent site ‘’Pirate Bay’’ have been repeatedly shut down by legal authorities but is available on the dark web.

Final Thoughts:

Accessing dark web requires excellent anonymity. If you can’t maintain your anonymity on the dark web than it is possible that you might get caught by the law enforcement agencies. The dark web can be accessed by using a Tor network.

However, it is a much secure option to go with a VPN too. By this, it means that you should use a VPN along with a Tor browser as it guarantees greater security, privacy, and anonymity.

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