Best Way To Hide IP Address Easily In 2020

For every deed, you need an identity that makes you distinctive from every other person. Same as that, when you get online, you are allotted an IP address which is marked as your online identity.

Through your vertical identity, you are connected with the whole world of the internet. If your ID is exposed, your a venerable for cybercriminals and surveillance agencies.

Nowadays, where everyone is hiding from surveillance, whether it’s legal or illegal. But we talk about morality; they are all illegal. So, it’s essential to hide your IP address at any cost.

What Is An IP Address?

The IP address is a set of numbers allotted to every individual PC or device, surfing the internet. This is to keep track of what websites and places are browsed by that device.

There are two types of IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6. These are allocated by the Internet Assigned Numbers (IANA). They allocate the IP address to the users with reference to the location. For instance, they allocate a block of the number to different regions. However, regions such as the United States have 35% of the total IP address.

A Domain Name System (DNS) translates the URL into IP addresses. This means that you could find the IPs without typing them into a web browser. Such as, a DNS recognizes a URL typed into the web browser and finds the IP address of the site. This IP address is then sent back and displayed on your screen.

Why Is It Important To Hide IP Address?

The need to obscure the IP address is not that much new as it was before. The internet rules becoming severe day by day are the reason more people are moving towards such measures to hide IP address. However, there are many reasons which compel an internet user to mask his IP address.

Hiding IP address is necessary because;

  • An open IP address could expose your geographical location.
  • Through your IP address, an advertiser could easily track you and could build-up your personal preferences profile for targeted advertisements.
  • You could be easily targeted by a cyber attack or data vulnerability through IP tracking.
  • Along with privacy, the IP obscuring provides you an opportunity to bypass the restrictions on popular content such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others. When your IP address is hidden, the governments, ISPs, and other agencies are unable to recognize your region where the content is blocked.

Best Way To Hide IP Address

There are certain ways that we have figured out to help out the readers so that they could easily hide their IP address and could enjoy the perks of internet browsing without any concern.

1. Using Proxy

Proxy is a simple way to hide your IP address especially if you are willing to hide it for just a small period of time. A proxy server is a tool that acts as a mediator between your network and the internet. A proxy server makes your IP address remains anonymous through sending your demanded information request from its own IP address. Therefore, websites will not be able to see your IP address and you could bypass restrictions as well as can avoid your online activity tracking.

On the internet you could find a number of proxy servers that offer free services, however, they are not much trustworthy. For using a proxy server, you should always determine a rule of not transmitting sensitive data such as financial details through it. Also, you could experience some speed issues due to the bandwidth limit on proxy servers. That means heavy streaming content could not be enjoyed through using a proxy.

2. Tor Browser

Tor browser is now getting popular among the netizens for its capability to hide IP addresses and providing anonymous browsing. The restricted sites could also be accessed through this browser extension without exposing your identity.

Tor browser could be downloaded to your device for free. Also, data encryption is provided to your internet traffic by a Tor browser. It consists of multiple nodes to prevent data congestion and through passing data from these nodes, encryption is provided to it which prevents data tracking.

However, a downside that is a big concern and annoyance for Tor users is a slow speed while browsing. That means you could not browse and stream heavy content such as online gaming or watching content such as Hulu, Netflix, etc.

3. Use VPN (The best solution)

When talking about online privacy and data security the most popular and effective tool is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). People are increasingly moving towards it because of its various advantages.

  • VPN could mask your real IP address with a fake one to provide you anonymity as well as access to blocked content.
  • Unlimited bandwidth provided by the reputable VPN services could eliminate the issue of speed throttling and flawed downloading.
  • With many servers around the world, a VPN provides you greater options of browsing content.
  • Also, a VPN offers military-grade encryption to your internet traffic which is almost impossible to break.

This is why it is considered as the best solution if you are willing to hide your IP address for a long time period. However, with the increasing demand, all the VPN providers have decreased their prices to a really low level of just a few dollars per month. But while selecting a VPN you must consider the ones which are known and have customer trusts such as ExpressVPN & PureVPN.

Also, try to avoid free VPN services because of their hidden policies and user data leakage. And if you are still opting a free VPN service then it’s necessary to inquire about their policies.


Nobody would want his identity or address to be known to all the people including strangers and the ones with the heinous deed. Therefore, you should also be wary of your online identity protection that could be attained through hiding IP address.

IP address obscuring could protect you in many ways as you have your worthy details present online through which a hacker could gain various benefits.

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