How to Secure Your Office Network Computers from Viruses and Malwares


Using computers in the office is the conventional practice for modern day business style. But this practice can sometimes appear expensive and cumbersome to many CEOs. From regular maintenance to protecting the files on your computers from being infected with viruses and malwares, if you are not ready to hire an engineer, you will have much to worry about concerning your office network computers.

While doing this yourself might end up leading you to not doing anything in a whole working day, you might as well create many problems for yourself. And the most tedious aspect of it is securing the computers from viruses and malwares.

That’s why this article will be explaining some important ways to secure your office computers from viruses and malwares.

Install an Antivirus


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Experts advise that you install an antivirus on your computer before installing any other programs on the computer. Nowadays, even software can turn out to be a virus. How do you protect your computer from such malicious software if you don’t have an antivirus on it?

That’s why you should always make it a point of duty to install an antivirus program on any new computer in your network before installing another program on it, even before installing the internet on it.

Using Norton Antivirus with coupon can still make the security optimal and reduce the chances of having a virus mask itself and find a way into your computer.

Enable Firewall

Firewalls are built in computer programs and are designed to secure your computer from outsider’s intrusion and eavesdropping. You risk exposing your office computers to viruses and spywares if you do not enable your computer’s firewall.

Programs like Verisign whose promo code will enable you to arrive at a cheaper offer will not only help you monitor whatever activities are carried out on your computer, but you’ll also be able to reduce cost of security maintenance by using it.

Train Your Employees on Virus Prevention

Training employees on virus prevention skills will go a long way to help you prevent your office computers from being infected. Employees with little or no idea about how security and virus prevention work will lead you to spending more money on unnecessary things.

By training your employees on how to keep computers in the office safe from virus infection, you will have the advantage of being able to rely on their instincts and being able to save more money.

When employees are trained on virus prevention methods, you can hold them accountable for systems infected with viruses and spywares. In this case, you can mate out suitable punishments for them whenever they default on the set standard.


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