How to Stop DDoS Attack | 5 Preventive Measures – Guide 2018

In short long story: In this article, we will see; how to check and stop DDoS Attacks by checking the system flaws.

When internet users open a website and are unable to get its access then they might become frustrated and disappointed. Many people think that they face such problems due to heavy traffic but it might be something more damaging and intensive.

A site could be seized due to malicious activity of a hacker or cybercriminal through Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack. Such an attack could equally be detrimental to the websites owners as it tends to decrease customer viewership. A DDoS attack includes an extensive number of computers which depend on the intent of the attack. Also, the attack duration could last for hours as well as for days.

Not only the small sites but also the known organizational websites such as Twitter, sound cloud, BBC, Microsoft’s Xbox live network, cloud hosting company Linode and even the Internet’s DNS root server have faced the DDoS attack. However, it is an extreme concern for financial institutions as it may hinder transactions and could also effect bank-to-bank transactions.

Here we would tell you a brief information about the how to stop and prevent DDoS attacks,

What Is a DDoS Attack

Generally, a DDoS attack tends to slow down or completely halt the website activity through immense traffic on the network server. It includes a vast network of computers that are controlled by the attacker who creates his own network out of these PCs. However, these computers are owned by common and unknown users from different parts of the world.

The attacker uses different tactics to focus traffic on the targeted website. All the computers access the website at the same time maybe through sending a simple request to view the page or any other intense malicious act. Therefore, that page gets congested as it is not capable of handling such an immense concurrent requests.

There are many variants of DDoS attack that are used by the attacker to infect the network system of the targeted website.

5 Ways to Stop DDoS Attack 2018

(1) Recognize a DDoS Attack
To avoid a DDoS attack you must recognize it as early as possible to work against stopping it. As a website owner, you should be able to understand that when your site is being clogged due to a DDoS attack and when it’s just a sudden legitimate traffic.

However, it’s a bit tricky to differentiate between the attack and a regular heavy traffic. For this purpose, you need some leading technology, highly expert professional training to detect the issue easily.

(2) Increase Bandwidth For Your Web Server
As a website owner, you should think to increase bandwidth for your network server from the required amount. This will help you in sudden traffic control maybe when you have an offer on your website or due to an advertising campaign. However, it will not completely stop a DDoS attack but you will get some time to regain control or act against it.

(3) Incident Response Planning
You should always prepare in advance for such an attack. An efficient incident response program should be scheduled by every organization including the DDoS mitigation plan. This will check the traffic flow from different sources such as a router and will detect any change in the regular traffic pattern.

(4) Ask Your Internet Provider
For an ISP, you should first think to select the one that offers protective services in such situation of an attack. For additional security and preventive measure, you could also keep an ISP backup so that your business would not stop after a DDoS attack. However, you should inquire about a DDoS attack from your internet provider if your site has detected its effects. Possibly your ISP has also faced the consequences and maybe the DDoS attack could be detected by them. Therefore, instead of calling for help you should ask them to re-route your site traffic to overcome the attack.

(5) Pre-Planned Threat Prevention List
The most important thing in a DDoS attack is to detect the vendor and attacker. Keeping the clear idea of the way to prevent such attack is a tough task to do. Including the concern that what are the possible indicators and most vulnerable vendors of DDoS attack, many such troublesome thoughts prevail in the organization. However, to cut down such risks and concerns you must keep yourself at the protected end by joining local ISAC. To detect the source of threat you must use threat intel service provider or network with your peers.

In addition, an organization should keep a pre-planned list of measures to follow, after a DDoS attack. Such preventive measures may not provide a complete cure for the attack but it could greatly reduce the cost that your business could face.

Mitigation Tools And Defenses To Stop DDoS Attack

To detect the illegitimate traffic most of the companies use authentic firewalls and routers, however, the mitigation tools could greatly benefit you against DDoS attack. The mitigation tool strategy could have two ways;

  • Additional network availability could be gain through load balancers. They balance the traffic between multiple servers across the defined network.
  • Illegitimate or malicious traffic could be avoided through a cloud-based anti-DDoS solution.


In such an advanced internet world with efficient tools, the cybercriminals are also becoming powerful with more intense attacks. DDoS is also such a common attack that targets websites. However, if you are pre-equipped and vigilant than you could reduce its intensity and effects on your business. A good communication is necessary to decrease the risk of loss to your website as well as customers.

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  1. Thanks for raising awareness on the scourge of DDoS attacks. As you noted, they are becoming more and more frequent. Incapsula, a DDoS-mitigation provider, just came out with new research that showed that attacks are growing shorter, more complex, and persistent – making DDoS mitigation all the more important.

    I don’t want to make a sales pitch but at the moment an attack is taking place, it’s going to be very hard to stop it. Your web server might not have the capacity (depending if it’s a small attack from a neighbor kid using a booter or a large attack like we saw on Dyn or using Mirai botnet). You should plan in advance, see if you or your ISP have a mitigation provider with always-on or automatic detection, or a 24/7 NOC.As the boy scouts say, the best way to deal with a DDoS attack is to prepare for one before it happens.

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