There is a Massive Attack Coming, Warns UK’s Security Boss

A head of the National Cyber-security Centre UK predicts that the most severe ‘preventable’ cyber attack is even more severe than the WannaCry hack that crippled the NHS will happen within years.

The leading GCHQ expert made the shocking warning that a category one ransomware –attack, one level higher than WannaCry and even the most severe tier possible, will about to happen ‘sometime in the next few years’.

It would be the first time that the government had to face with the foray of this intensity; a category one cyber-security incident that requires a national government response.

According to Ian Levy, the technical director of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre, in the year since the agency was established which is almost a year ago, in October 2016, has to cover 500 incidents as well as 30 category two and 470 category three incidents, including the WannaCry ransomware that down warded IT in numerous NHS trusts and bodies.

But Dr. Levy deems that a huge scale coordinated attack will entail national collaborative action and support, involving numerous governmental agencies, to thwart.

According to reports in ZDNet, Dr. Levy made the comments at a conference hosted by antivirus firm Symantec, held in London yesterday;

“Predictions in cyber security are quite difficult, but I’m going to make one I’m reasonably confident about.

Sometime in the next few years we’re going to have out first ‘category one’ cyber incident, where you need a national response.”

“There’ll be an independent investigation and what will really come out is that it was entirely preventable.

The only way to prevent such a breach was to change the way businesses and governments think about cyber-security.

Unless we start to put some science and data into cyber-security to demystify it, that’s really going to happen.” He added.

Levy argued that:

“Rather than preoccupying about business the right security products, organizations should instead focus on managing risk and considering the data they hold, the worth it has, and how much damage it could do if it was lost, in case.”

The NCSC said that they will work intimately with law enforcement and the wider public sector, including the National Crime Agency (NCA), to hold up cybersecurity alertness campaigns in an attempt to guard against attacks.

The WannaCry attack immobilized NHS computers, scores of other companies and government agencies and Germany’s national railway.

The US, Britain, Russia, China, Germany, France and more 150 countries are a strike by the shakedown scheme.

It is likely to approximate that it has infected more than 200,000 computers globally and the virus sheltered each and every computer it infected and asking for a specific amount or demanded a ransom if they want to keep it safe and sound.

The NSA was partially blamed by Microsoft for the cyber attacks, which is alleged that it spreads by using the hacking tools and gears created by the agency.

The tools and gears were revealed online by a hacking group after they were in NSA cyber ware files.

A security update in preparation for a string of similar attacks is released by Microsoft.


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