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People go online with a sense of freedom, willing to carry out their online activities in private but in these grim times the actual meaning of the term “privacy” has long been forgotten.

The crux which Beencrypted focuses on is, “privacy is everyone’s right. ” The mission statement of Beencrypted is to raise awareness, among the people, about why privacy matters and what should be done in order to protect oneself from the harms of online surveillance, data breach, and brute force hacking.

Interview with Security Expert

Wikileaks, CIA, or FBI, Encryption

Wikileaks, CIA, or FBI, Encryption Is Still Balancing Net Neutrality, Talks CMO of NordVPN

Accusing CIA of conducting mass surveillance, Wikileaks has created a hot environment by releasing a trove of documents. With this incident being the most...

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Biggest Ransomware Attack in History Halted By The ‘Accidental Hero’

More than 45,000 cyber-attacks were recorded in nearly 99 countries around the world including the UK, Russia, India, China, Ukraine, Italy, and Egypt. A...

Redefine Your Privacy Measures After Trump’s Signature Threatens Users Privacy

About a week ago the congress has voted in favor of ISPs selling your personal data. Suspending the former privacy rules by FCC which...

Hackers Threaten Apple For Ransom, Here’s How To Protect Your iCLoud Account

Turkish Crime Family, a seven-membered hackers group claims their ability to access as many as 250 million iCloud accounts. They also urged to lock...

Equivocal UK Citizens Agonizing Over Mass Surveillance

The frantic situation created by the combined efforts of surveillance camera technology and “big data” has put the privacy of UK citizens at risk...

McDonald’s delivery app leaks 2.2 million customers data

The most used application in India; Dubbed Mcdelivery leaked the personal data of about 2.2 million users, a security firm discovered. As claimed by...


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Protect Your Website From Hackers – Prevent Hack Attacks

The damage done by a hacker is irreparable. You may not consider your website worthy being hacked for, but your websites are endangered all...