Peerblock Alternative: 7 Best Options To Use!

Peerblock stands up due to the need for torrent users for the purpose of keeping the spying eyes away from the file-sharing networks. BitTorrent clients use this open software frequently for torrenting and also for blocking IP addresses of certain peer connections.

This open-software blocks the IP addresses of specific third parties from connecting to the computer system. This piece of software works similarly as the firewall does by referencing a list of dangerous IPs and avoid preventing them from interacting and interrelating with the system.

Peerblock is merely a tool which gives options to the users which enables them to block specific IP addresses from accessing your system, so they will be forbidden from spying on your activities and on your system whereas they won’t be able to know what data you are actually trying to access on your system.

However, Peerblock lacks precision and exceptional qualities in its features. Moreover, it looks impossible to block all unsafe and risky IP addresses. Therefore, to get more precision and quality features programs like ‘’Peerblock Alternatives’’ have been introduced. Unlike the Peerblock, these alternatives work way more accurately in terms of features or else they have a good regularly updated database to identify all the risky IPs.

Before getting into the details of Peerblock alternatives, it is important to know more about how Peerblock works, what is the issue with it? Why people switch to peer block alternatives? And what distinctive features do Peerblock alternatives offer?

How does ‘’Peerblock’’ works?

Normally, the torrent downloads work by connecting groups of user altogether and enable them to exchange pieces of various files.

This process isn’t anonymous as the IP address is shared all across the network. To check and trace the users these IP addresses can be used. It takes a third party to join a group and start peeping users, to make a list of doubtful IPs and report their identity to the service provider.

The Peerblock prevents the spying IP address from seeing your activities whenever you get connected to a torrent group to share specific files and an eavesdropping third party connects in that same group. In this way, the peer block keeps you protected and invisible while file sharing process.

The Peerblock does it so by suggesting malevolent IP addresses from the block list provided by the internet service provider. In case if any legal authorities, government, or related IP connects so, the Peerblock assured they would not notice your existence.

Reasons which compels people to switch to ‘’Peerblock Alternatives’’:

The Peerblock software is basically uncontrolled and unrestricted. The Windows users do not have any accurate alternative for keeping their IP address safe and secure while accessing various torrent files. This is the biggest drawback of using Peerblock.

There are some other reasons which compel the users to switch to peer block alternatives and these reasons are as follows:

Peerblock Lowers Torrent Speed:

Torrenting works like a peer to peer system. When you seed a download, then someone else downloads it from your seed. Every single BitTorrent downloads consist of hundreds and thousands of users sharing files and have their own IP address.

The number of seeders the faster the download rate would be. Peerblocks actually work by incorporating customer’s block list into your torrenting. In this way, you get connected to the torrent program and ends up blocking a lot of IPs. The fewer IPs you connect to the slower speed of downloading files you will get. Therefore, when you use peer block lost so ultimately your downloading speeds get low.

Peerblock is Unable to Block all Risky IPs:

Peer block has many lists of IP addresses. Some of these are updated while some dangerous and risky IPs are crucial which in turn means a lot of risky IP addresses there are not included in the list.

Thus, it justifies the fact that Peerblock blocks, IP addresses but since there are tons of IPs, therefore, it is unable to block all risky IPs.

Peerblock Do Not Encrypt the Data:

The basic idea of using Peerblock is that all dangerous, malevolent, and risky IPs are unable to see what kind of files are being downloaded but this doesn’t mean that the ISP won’t be able to log and keep an eye on your torrent activity. In other words, peer block is unable to encrypt all the traffic data.

All the activities such as using a browser or torrent program and P2P file-sharing activity is checked and observed by the service providers. The service providers frequently use this as a way to control your bandwidth and it is often known as bandwidth shaping.

Therefore, when you use a Peerblock your service provider is well aware of the type of your traffic data.

Peerblock Do Not Hide IP Address:

Peerblock blocks other IP addresses in the list but still, your IP address is easy to find. This is because when you are torrenting so, you are a part of BitTorrent group and you can easily check every other IP address in the group.

In this way, Ppeerblock blocks you from connecting risky IP address but still can see your IP address which means your IP address is not hidden.

Disadvantages Of Peerblock Alternatives

The major and the best reason to use something other than peer block is Peerblock alternatives. The Peerblock alternatives provide better security and protecting during torrenting and are way much better than peer blocks.

The Peerblock alternatives come in two forms i.e. VPN and Proxy. Although both of the services are somehow similar in their end result in their price, working capability, and basic complexity is very much different.

Proxy Service:

A proxy service is basically a server which connects you to a directed program and in turns gives you a new shared IP address. A proxy service is much cheaper and works faster than VPN. However, it doesn’t offer you the encryption security and also cannot be used for some other purposes.


A VPN provides complete online privacy and also perfect digital anonymity. For staying secure and protected online while browsing, surfing, and downloading various torrent files VPN is known as the best service.

Using a VPN means that you install an app which will send all the computer’s traffic data via a remote server which will give you a new IP address and will also encrypt your internet traffic data. VPN encrypts user’s data. It can also be used for various purposes like streaming Netflix, securing your data in public Wi-Fi hotspots, gaming, online shopping, and many more. However, it might be slower than the proxy server.

Before choosing a VPN as a Peerblock alternative make the user check its price, speed, and encryption ability. A VPN which is of low price works at an exceptionally fast speed, offers encryption ability, and does not collect logs is considered the best VPN.

7 Recommended Peerblock Alternatives:

Here are some of the best-recommended Peerblock alternatives which you must give a try once:

1 – Peer Guardian:

Unlike Peerblock, PeerGuardian is the best privacy concerned firewall app which comprises of huge block list by which it detects tons of dangerous and risky IP addresses and ensures your safety and security.

It works simply by blocking all the stated IP address in the block list. Their main goal is to prevent dangerous IP address from getting any information while you download a torrent.

2 – Simplewall:

Simplewall is an incredible tool which organizes Windows Filtering Platform and can also shape the network activity. It has a simple interface with no enraging and irritating popups. Simple walls internal block list allows you to block Windows spy.

Moreover, Simplewall enables the user to make own custom block list where they can create their own rules and regulations for blocking and can also get localization support.

3 – Iplist:

For blocking connections IPlist is another free program for Linux. It uses Netfilter Netlink- queue library for blocking connections from a specific range of hosts.  It is also available for Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSuSE, Mandriva, Debian, and other distributions too.

4 – BeeThink IP Blocker:

BeeThink IP blocker is probably is one of the best Peerblock alternatives. This is one of Windows IP blocking program which manages how one computer interacts with other within a network. This program easily blocks the unwanted IP addresses. The BeeThink IP Blocker is lightweight and works with different variables like IP address, protocol, port, and other factors.

Moreover, this IP blocker provides Blacklist and whitelist and automatically updates the IP feature list. It supports multiple IP list formats like Apache’s. However, it charges some amount of money to use advanced features.

5 – PureVPN:

PureVPN is one of the best choices of VPN for torrent users. It offers amazing features. These features include simultaneous login for more than one users, numerous tunneling protocols along with no data logging. This makes it one the most wanted and inexpensive VPN users.

6 – NordVPN:

NordVPN is yet another best VPN service which can fulfill your entire torrenting needs. Their kill switch, encryption ability, and double VPN features have made it extremely looked-for VPN service.

7 – Express VPN:

The Express VPN is another Peerblock alternative which is very well-known for its working ability and can provide amazing services. The ExpressVPN is very easy to use, provides good software applications, and also the customer service is very good.


Peerblock is an ineffective and slow method for blocking dangerous IP address while torrenting. Peerblock alternative has replaced Peerblocks. Two well-known Peerblock alternatives include VPN and Proxy. VPN and proxies are safe and easier to use. However, the proxy does not encrypt the internet traffic which a VPN easily and effectively does. For best possible results use other recommended Peerblock alternatives.

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