How to place widget on desktop in OSX Snow Leopard and Lion

Today I decided to extract calculator widget from dashboard and place it to my desktop. I just too often missing it. So how to do it… Only few mouse clicks and one terminal command is needed.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click on Mission Control.
  3. Uncheck: Show Dashboard as a space.
  4. Open Terminal, enter the following command: sudo defaults write demode YES
  5. Exit terminal.
  6. Logout of Lion.
  7. Log back into Lion.
  8. Open Dashboard. Now you can open it by hitting F12.
  9. And now the final part… Select the widget you want on your desktop and, while dragging it, hit F12 key again. It closes Dashboard and places the widget on your desktop.
I tested it on both Show Leopard and Lion and it works great. It’s important to do first 3 steps or you won’t be able to implement this. Only one thing would be appreciated. Unfortunately widget is always in foreground. I would like to place it under the open application.  So, something to discove

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