Samsung All Set To Compete AI Development

Looking at the extreme pace of Artificial intelligence, Samsung has also revealed their plans to create their own customer-focused artificial intelligence research center.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company has announced that they will work more ambitiously to achieve AI plans through dedicated strategies within mobile and consumer electronics businesses. However, they haven’t disclosed the location of the center building.

Earlier this year, the company revealed their AI intentions at the time when they had inaugurated a lab in Canada. This lab primarily focuses on self-driving cars and image recognition. But, the latest statement has exposed some of the minor changes in the role of company’s chief strategy officer, Young Sohn. Samsung has expanded the opportunities to indulge new business chances.

According to the statement written in Samsung’s press release, “Sohn Young-Kwon plans to actively discuss the CE and IM divisions and BD issues, including the existing DS division, and will continue to serve as chairman of Harman’s board of directors.”

Samsung has always initiated the plans which are more developed than their previous one. This time they have just unveiled the plans, however, a tangible output is still to be witnessed.

The firm’s AI plans are a step towards AI progress into which many of the tech companies are already involved from a long ago.

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