What is Torrenting and How it Works

Torrenting is a distinguished file sharing process, which involves numerous individuals (peers) in the downloading process.

This whole procedure utilizes P2P technology to distribute the torrent file among thousands of users. However, a torrent file is a computer file, which contains metadata, related the files and folders to be shared. You might listen torrent and bittorrent as synonymous terms but they are a bit different.

The bittorrent is a file transfer protocol, which helps to breakdown the torrent file into small bits to make the downloading process faster.

Similarly, there are numerous terms used to describe the torrenting process and you need to understand them before going to the working of torrent.

  • Peers: The individuals (torrenters) who are involved in the sharing process of a torrent file in a peer-to-peer network.
  • Seeders: The ones who are uploading parts of a torrent file along with downloading it.
  • Leechers: The torrenters who are just downloading and not uploading anything in a file sharing process.
  • Swarm: A group of people involve in the downloading and uploading of same torrent file.
  • Tracker: As implied by the name, tracker in a torrenting process is a server, which locates the peers of same torrent file present in different areas. They connect the torrenters (peers) and help to direct data packets between them.
  • Torrent Client: Torrent client is the program that enables and manages the file sharing process using BitTorrent protocol. These BitTorrent clients arrange the disassembled bits of torrent file handling its upload and download while providing the statistics about the torrent.
  • Indexers: The websites that have a collection of torrent files along with the information about them. Users get the torrent file link at these websites, which are shared by other torrenters. Therefore, it’s a channel to get, share and request torrent file.
how torrenting works
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Why People Torrenting?

BitTorrent is the way through which people download music, videos, applications, games and images mostly of larger size. Not just downloading, but many individuals share files that are present on their computer.

Someone of you might be wondering that why people are using torrent instead of that traditional downloading. One of the major reasons is that the torrent files, which are present for everyone, are provided by anyone who has paid or who might have got it through hassling means. Due to this reason, the torrent files are generally present on conventional downloading.

Besides, there are few major perks of torrenting, which have boosted the use of torrenting extraordinarily.

  • The P2P means uses decentralized process means that the file you are downloading is not hosted on a main central server. Therefore, if one downloading source lefts or deactivates in between the downloading process, you can complete the downloading process with other sources. Besides, the regular downloading procedure involves only one main server and if it gets down, you could not complete the download.
  • You don’t need to restart the whole downloading from the start if your internet disconnects suddenly due to any reason.
  • It is a noticeably fast downloading way as compared to the regular downloading process.
  • You can easily find, download and even request any file.

Increasing Legitimacy of Torrenting

As discussed before, torrent sharing is a fast and effective way of downloading and uploading large files. However, the name “torrent” most probably gives a general spring to mind that it involves something illegal or something that ignores the copyright laws.

But with the overwhelmingly increasing popularity and feasibility of BitTorrent sharing, it is steadily moving into mainstream.

BitTorrent downloading mainly involves the illegal extraction of prominently music, films and games. Therefore, the Blizzard Entertainment who are the creators of games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Diablo III have adopted the torrent technology. They have incorporated the torrent process in the online version of their games so that it could be a default way of downloading for the individuals.

Another included feature is the option they provide to the players to choose if they want to take part in speeding up the downloading of others through contributing any of their bandwidth.

Similarly, the torrent websites (indexers) are now moving the video and music streaming to the mainstream. Now, many websites have numerous ready to download torrent files which are all legal and free from copyright issues.