What is Torrenting and How it Works

what is torrenting

Torrenting is a distinguished file sharing process, which involves numerous individuals (peers) in the downloading process. This whole procedure utilizes P2P technology to distribute the torrent file among thousands of users. However, a torrent file is a computer file, which contains metadata, related the files and folders to be shared. You might listen to torrent … Read more

What Happens If You Get Caught Torrenting

How to Not Get Caught Torrenting | Easy Guide

Torrent basically refers to any computer file which contains metadata having various information. There is a huge debate among people either torrenting is legal or safe. Well, there is nothing illegal and unsafe about torrenting. Torrenting is absolutely safe and legal until you are downloading any copyrighted or pirated file from the web. There are … Read more

Torrent Proxy Settings With uTorrent And BitTorrent

Torrent Proxy Settings

A proxy is generally another computer which functions as a centre through which the internet requests are managed and handled. By connecting to one of the servers, your computer sends a request to the server which then later processes your request and gives you back what you want. In this way, a proxy serves as … Read more

Is Torrenting illegal or Legal? Let’s Find Out

Is Torrenting illegal

Torrenting is actually a widespread technique of downloading files like movies, songs, games, and may other through a torrent client. This technique is extensively used by torrents all over the world for the basic purpose of downloading the file from a single server which is later transferred by several users who already have that particular … Read more

Is qBitTorrent Safe? Lets Find Out

Is qBitTorrent Safe

qBitTorrent is a cross-field, unrestricted and open-source BitTorrent client. BitTorrent is a communication process for P2P file sharing which is used to circulate data and other files over the internet. The present world of BitTorrent clients is very immense and endless, but not all of them are provided with all useful features. One such client … Read more

How to Torrent Safely : Download With Anonymity

How to Torrent Safely - Is Torrenting Safe? Guide

Torrent sharing is a process of peer-to-peer download involving numerous devices as servers all over the world. This method of sharing torrent files makes the torrent a faster and efficient means of downloading but also makes it prone to some potential risks. Major Risks While Torrenting Anonymous torrenting is a much-needed way for torrent downloaders … Read more

How to Not Get Caught Torrenting – Easy Guide

How to Not Get Caught Torrenting | Easy Guide

Most of the people probably know the concept of torrenting and how it works. If not, then you can have a quick look at this article before reading further. Where torrenting is fascinating, it is also risky at the same time. And you can get caught torrenting latest movies, TV shows and music releases. Risk … Read more

How to Download Torrent Anonymously

download torrent anonymously

Torrenting is simply a file sharing process which involves several individuals in the downloading process. BitTorrent is a technology rather than a program software which enables quick and fast downloading and file sharing between peers. Although torrenting is purely a legal and safe thing to do there are some countries which consider it as illegal … Read more

How to Check Torrent IP With VPN Connection

check torrent ip

Torrenting always exposes your IP address to the other torrent downloader as well as to the Internet Provider or governmental agencies who could be tracking you. That’s why most of the torrent users are using anonymity tools to mask their identity. However, conformity for totally anonymous torrents could only be attained if one regularly check … Read more