How to Check Torrent IP With VPN Connection

Torrenting always exposes your IP address to the other torrent downloader as well as to the Internet Provider or governmental agencies who could be tracking you. That’s why most of the torrent users are using anonymity tools to mask their identity.

However, conformity for totally anonymous torrents could only be attained if one regularly check torrent IP while being connected to their proxy or VPN.

There are many tools for checking torrent IP which we will discuss here in this article.

How to Check Your Torrent IP Address

It is obvious that if you are using IP masking tools such as VPN or proxy then only it is worth to check torrent IP address.

Here I will tell you a simple way to check torrent IP with the specially designed tools for this purpose. First of all, you need to select any tool among all these;

All of these tools work more or less same, so it doesn’t matter which one you select.

Step 1: Head on to the selected free tool website (we are using as an example). Here you will see your real IP address.check torrent ip - step 1

Step 2: Now connect your VPN and refresh the page. This step will display your VPN IP into the ‘anonymous VPN’ section. (Remember that this IP should be different from your real IP)check torrent ip - step 2

Step 3: Click the ‘download test torrent file’.check torrent ip - step 3

Step 4: Run the downloaded link it through your torrent client.check torrent ip - step 4

Step 5: After the step 4, your torrent IP will load in the ‘BitTorrent Proxy’ section of the torrent IP test tool.check torrent ip - step 5

Step 6: Now verify that the displayed IP address in the field ‘BitTorrent Proxy’. If it is your VPN IP than your torrent IP is not leaking.check torrent ip - step 6

That’s all you have to do if you want to check your torrent IP and also check if you’r VPN leaking your Torrent IP (incase)

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What is IP address?

To just get the right idea of torrent IP leak, it is necessary to know what an IP is. The IP address is a unique set of numbers which is different for every device.

IP address shows the location of a person/device similar to the rental address. In other words, it is the internet address of every device you are using.

The IP address is visible in normal conditions and your activities such as websites you visit, at what time you visit those sites and how much time you spend there; all are visible to your ISP.

You can check your IP address by any IP testing tool.

How To Change IP Address

Without any precaution, your torrent downloading could easily be traced back to you as torrenting publically displays user’s IP address to every peer in a file swarm.

Also, due to many privacy and security risks, the internet users use IP masking tools to change IP address. However, torrenting being one of the most surveilled and threatened internet activity most of the torrent downloaders are using anonymous way outs to change their IP address to a fake one.

IP masking tools such as a proxy or VPN software place an anonymous server in between your device and internet sites through which you are given a fake IP address. When such tools are connected, it makes sure that your URL request does not pass through ISP server or otherwise everything would be revealed.

Why Do You need to Check Torrent IP?

Previously, people were not aware of the anonymity requirement or the fact that they could be at risk even after using a privacy tool.

If we particularly talk about torrenting, it is a bit complex process that connects torrenter all over the globe. Besides, there are couples of tasks going on simultaneously in torrent file sharing.

Therefore, if you are using any IP masking tool, make sure that your keep checks if your tool is working well or not.

There are two most popular ways torrent users might be using for anonymous torrenting;

  1. Proxy
  2. VPN
  3. Browser Extension


When you are using a proxy, the torrent IP address remains anonymous but the browser IP address is the same as your real IP address. In other words, this setup will only anonymize your torrent IP and will not hide IP address on other browsing activities (you need to download proxy into your torrent client).

VPN (Virtual Private University)

In VPN connection, the entire internet connection is encrypted and that’s why while torrenting with VPN your torrent IP address will be masked. Also, the browser IP or IP while browsing other websites remains anonymous with VPN.

Browser Extensions 

If you are using a browser extension then only your browser IP will remain anonymous and not the torrent IP address. This is because the browser extension is only anonymizing the activity you are performing at that particular browser, however, the torrent client is running on your device.

Hope you have understood all these situations. But wait a minute!

There could still be a condition where there is torrent IP leak with VPN or proxy. That’s DNS leak.

DNS Leak Could Leak Your Torrent IP

DNS is the Domain Name System to enable communication between your device and the internet system.

DNS server changes the wordy URL into numerical form so that the browser could understand it and show the desired result for the request sent from a device. For more detailed DNS explanation, you could visit this page about DNS Leak Test.

Mostly the DNS server is set to the ISP DNS server; therefore, they could also see the IP address of the device from which the DNS request is coming. But when you are using a VPN or proxy it places an anonymous DNS server so every request pass through it and IP remain masked. However, sometimes the DNS requests leak to the ISP server and user’s real IP get exposed.


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