DNS Hijacking – Most Common Stratagem of Cybercriminals

DNS Hijacking also termed as DNS Redirecting or DNS Poisoning, is a stratagem used by cyber pillagers by which they trample upon a computer’s IP settings on the Internet to block access, restrict, and censor content. By overriding a computer’s IP settings, the hijacker directs it to a rogue DNS server instead of the user-friendly domain names. This … Read more

Is uTorrent Safe? – Find All The Privacy Aspects

Is uTorrent Safe

With almost 100 million active users, the sister platforms uTorrent and BitTorrent have gained around 50 percent of the market share of all the BitTorrent clients. Such reputation could not be gained without any uniqueness and performance. However, it is also true that none of the software is completely safe. Therefore, the search for queries … Read more

How To Speed Up uTorrent Easy Way


After BitTorrent, uTorrent is the most wanted client software around. Its main charm lies in its lightweight nature, as it enables the computer users to be able to use it without having any original toll on system performance. However, its increased popularity has undesirably affected its competitors, which is logical and reasonably too. There are … Read more

Best Torrent Tracker List: uTorrent And BitTorrent

best torrent tracker list

A torrent tracker is a way which helps the peers to find each other. The peer/user sends a request message to the tracker to get register its interest in a torrent. The tracker later replies with a list of other users/peers who have shown the same interest in that torrent. The peer is then directly … Read more

8 Best Torrent Clients and Software to Use

best torrent clients

Torrenting is a favorite way for downloading large files including streaming stuff, and that’s mainly because of the feasibility it provides to the users. However, the process could become hassling and complicated with a wrong torrent client. Therefore, you need to find a proper torrent downloader before moving to download a torrent file. What is … Read more

Best Torrent App for Android 10 Best Options


Torrent android apps are believed to have some factors which could negatively impact the device functionality through malware or another kind of viruses. Despite this notoriety, the trend to use the torrent app for Android is exceptional. Therefore, it is necessary to use the best torrent app for Android to minimize the chance of any … Read more