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There are many VPN services new to the market or the ones that are free. But disappointingly a very few are efficient enough to provide you the adequate protection. Such a name is TunnelBear VPN. This VPN provides you many opportunities such as unblocking blocked websites. Also streaming and download content and much more. But what a user wants while doing all these stuff? The basic priority is security and that’s why we are here with TunnelBear alternatives.

Some of the VPNs used by many internet users could also be vulnerable without people knowing about them.

Researchers from the Sapienza University of Rome and the Queen Mary University of London published a study in 2015, which shows security lacks in 14 VPNs including Tunnelbear. Those can reveal the entire browsing history of users either through “IPv6 traffic leakage” or “DNS hijacking” but Tunnelbear found with both.


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Although, the TunnelBear has conducted an audit of the vulnerabilities found again in 2016 and has claimed to fix them later in 2017. But, most users wouldn’t want to take risk after such exposed vulnerabilities especially when there are potential and effective VPN providers.

The sole purpose of which users are immensely choosing VPNs for themselves is the online privacy. If you are unprotected while browsing stuff and unblocking than hackers, government agencies and ISPs could easily track you. Therefore, all other benefits are shaded if you are not getting anonymity and privacy. This is where TunnelBear is risky and vulnerable.

To cater the VPN questers in finding out an appropriate VPN provider for themselves, we have sorted out some of the best TunnelBear alternatives.

TunnelBear Alternative: Experience shared by the Users on Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Reddit)

Social media platforms are becoming an important source for both, experience sharing and suggestion gaining. Also, while selecting any of the product people trust on the experiences and reviews of the users already using that.

Likewise, for the VPN customers or the people want to have VPN such reviews must be helpful in decision making. However, it could also increase their knowledge about VPNs.

An important factor for any VPN service is its customer support which could frustrate user if it has flaws. This is what a user is complaining about Tunnelbear who might haven’t got a response for his addressed problem.

Really bad experience with TunnelBear from vpnreviews

A Redditor has shared his detailed experience for TunnelBear VPN encompassing various issues and also a disappointing response received from the VPN provider.

TunnelBear Alternatives: Evading Security Concerns 2018

Here are top recommended 5 option instead of TunnelBear.

#1 – UltraSurf

UltraSurf is a free VPN proxy that enables you to bypass internet restrictions with an appropriate privacy protection. It could be an intelligent choice for TunnelBear alternatives as it provides identity obscuring as well as clears browsing history to protect data from snoopers and trackers.

It has been rated 4.6 out of 5 on Google’s Web store which shows a good review of people all around the world. UltraSurf VPN has given much reliabilities to the VPN questers with an easy connecting process having no registration and no login frustrations.

With this free VPN, you could unblock popular websites and content without facing the limitations on things such as bandwidth. They have released a Beta version for their Android customers for whom it will be an easy task to connect to Wifi, 4G, 3G and all the mobile carriers.


  • Easy connection
  • Average performing page loading speed
  • Good performing Android version
  • Blocks ads


  • Sudden disconnecting complaints from users
  • With certain time efficiency decreases

#2 – Spotflux Lite

Spotflux Lite could be an efficient option for tunnelbear alternatives as it has gained more than 30,800 users on Chrome web store who have ranked it 4 out of 5. To gain such response from the users is a feature reflecting satisfactory performance that could have been experienced by them.

Spotflux VPN is a free service that presents users with some of the extraordinary functionalities among all the free VPN services. It gives you an adequate protection against the online prevailing threats such as data tracking or cyber attacks. With Spotflux you could evade intrusive ads, tracking cookies and another such thing which endangers your privacy.

Also, you could enjoy safe internet while traveling as this VPN secures connection even if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi.


  • Efficient in unblocking content
  • Keeps on scanning the malware and viruses
  • You could experience an ad-free browsing


  • Below average customer support
  • Based in the US
  • Connection logs are kept

#3 – SurfEasy

SurfEasy free VPN service has almost 75,000 users and has given the rating of 5 out of 5 in Google Web store and this is something astonishing. Getting full stars from the users is an extremely unusual thing.

It provides bank-grade encryption to the online traffic of the users, therefore gives it a potential security against prevailing threats. You could get an OpenVPN protocol as a default on your Mac, Windows, and Android.

One of the most important causes for which they are getting good user response is their great customer service through which the user issue is catered shortly and efficiently. It also helps you to bypass firewalls and online restrictions with various server locations that make online browsing really efficient.


  • Satisfactory speed
  • Easy access
  • Well performing customer care service


  • Have some connection logs

#4 – Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is an extremely popular VPN extension as Chrome has gained more than 1,653,300 users with over 500 million downloads all around the world. It could be the best of all the tunnelbear alternatives an individual could opt.

Hotspot shield is extremely easy to enable and connect with just a single click. However, the features it provides are many with some newly induced ones such as Ad blocking, Tracker blocking, cookie blocking and malware protection.

They claim to cater their free service users with almost all the features they provide with the premium version. With Hotspot Shield, you remain anonymous while unblocking without the annoyance of bandwidth limitations. Hotspot shield has an ability to secure the unprotected websites and could bypass restrictions with a decent speed.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Various server locations


  • Based in the US
  • Display ads on user’s browsers

#5 – Zenmate VPN

Another popular VPN extension is Zenmate VPN that could be an intelligent choice against Tunnelbear alternatives. According to the ratings shown by the Chrome web store this VPN, the extension is been rated with 4 out of 5 stars. Not just that, the user population for Zenmate is immense i.e. almost 5,146,000 all around the globe.

Such level of trust on Zenmate VPN has been developed due to the efficient and long feature list this VPN has to offer.

Most prominent feature is that they have a vast number of server located countries that is 30. Therefore, it’s extremely easy for you to unblock websites by switching between these servers when one is not working.

Also, the speed which you would experience after being connected to Zenmate VPN is a decent one and doesn’t show a considerable fall.


  • Almost 30 server locations
  • No DNS leak
  • Blocks malware


  • Low performing customer support
  • Slow connection with apps


Knowing all the security flaws into a service, nobody wants to stick with it and that might be the case of TunnelBear users who are looking for the TunnelBear alternatives. We have discussed the best free VPN alternatives, yet it is important to clarify that a free service provider takes benefit from one or other way. So, be cautious that a free VPN could risk your privacy.

Therefore, it is recommended to consider a genuine paid VPN but the individuals requiring regular protection could use free VPN services also.


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