DotVPN Review and Views With Alternatives

Like many VPN services, DotVPN is also a VPN provider believed to encrypt your data traffic, unblock websites and streaming content. They have created a long user list which is almost 880,000 on Chrome Web Store. There hasn’t been a long time since the DotVPN has been launched and from 2014 it has taken over … Read more

Can ISP See VPN Traffic? Let’s Find out

What if you come to know that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will not only be able to track your online activities but they can also sell your internet history to a third party. The highest bidder for browsing history would be handed over with that information by the ISP. That’s a really concerning truth … Read more

Does VPN Protect Me? Is That Really Works?

VPN is a buzzword among the netizens of the present era. But is the hype really worth it? Do VPN really work? Hopefully, you will get answers to all your questions in this article. There are some important factors which let us decide the worth of a VPN. Most aspects are those which are not … Read more

5 Most Secure VPN Providers For All Purposes

In this article we I’m going to list and discuss which VPN is most secure. For this, I will be considering the aspects and features that will put directly impact. It is a wise step taken by them as a VPN technology is proved to be the best privacy tool when talking about data security. … Read more

Does VPN Slow Down Internet Speed? [Resolved]

VPN Slow Internet Speed

A short answer to this question: VPN connection suppose to reduce your speed because of encryption protocols. VPN will route your Internet traffic through a highly encrypted tunnel, which is why you always feel chocked connection while browsing. If you are using best and legitimate VPN service it will not reduce your connection speed more … Read more

Browsec Review and 5 Best Alternatives To Use

Author Findings: While writing this Browsec review, I have plenty of flows in the service. Found DNS leak and WebRTC leak while testing the service. Not recommending for torrenting or streaming. found a huge decrease in the speed of servers as well. Alternatively, you can try NordVPN which is 9/8 out of 10 user rating.  … Read more

Which Are The Best Free VPNs For Mac OS

I am sure you won’t want me to discuss the term VPN from scratch. But you must know the few features which make the best VPN for Mac. Some of you might think that VPN is over-hyped, but in such case, you must think again. Also, I will discuss some reasons that why VPN for … Read more

Fastest Free VPN For High Speed Encrypted Connection

fastest free vpn

A VPN’s basic concept is to provide anonymity and data security to the users but the fastest free VPN is the thing what makes an internet user excited about. Most of the individuals just want to bypass website restrictions and to evade chances of being tracked or caught by ISPs, Government agencies, and other third … Read more

Worried For Opera VPN Not Working? Try Easy Solutions [FIXED]


Last Updated 15 SEP 2019 Author findings: Overall its slower VPN to use, also it will provide just a proxy tunnel to your browsing traffic, highly recommend to use real VPN like Nord.  The first thing to be clear before go any further is, Opera was the first browser that introduced built-in VPN feature. but … Read more

Best Free VPN That Works With American Netflix

Are you looking for a free VPN which works with Netflix? You are at the right place. In January 2016, Netflix announced that from now onwards it will block VPNs which allow users, outside the USA, to watch the American Netflix. As a result, most of the paid VPN services do not work on Netflix. … Read more