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Do you know that the threats around you had increased at what rate? Do you know under how much danger you are? Do you know that you can get attacked at any time? What is the insurance of your safety? You don’t know, right? Well, it is true that you are no more safe in this industrialization era.

The more you use your devices carelessly, the more danger you get in. Due to this reason, technicians and engineers are working on new inventions that provide a better quality of safety. These devices are for our security and protection so that the tools we use in everyday life become more reliable and dependable so that we can trust them fully.

Many technologies are being introduced recently to make sure of our security. Among these great inventions, an invention of biometric was invented a few years back. This technology included scannings like fingerprint scanning, thumb printing, and voice recognition. Now a new kind of biometric technology is introduced, i.e., The facial recognition. Let’s find now about this technology.

What is Facial recognition?

So, what is facial recognition? Well, as the name defines itself, it means the identification of facial features. It just merely recognizes the faces of people and then uses them for their identification.

Isn’t it great!

 I am saying this because this is just like any human brain. Like human brains also recognize anyone from their face. It remembers anyone from the front. So, this is another artificial intelligence miracle. That is the machines are now able to identify us just by looking at us like any human being.

How does facial recognition work?

Facial recognition like any other biometric identification works in the way that it memorize the facial features and later on scans it. Like in fingerprint biometric the machine remembers the ridges on the fingers and then scans them when required. Facial recognition works in the following steps:

Step 1   

In the very first step of facial recognition, you keep your face in front of the camera. The camera scans your face.

Step 2

The camera scans the full face by reading the facial marks, distances between the two eyes, distances between one eye and nose, distances between lips and nose and lips and eyes.

Step 3

The system memorizes your full face and saves it in its data, where it may have only your face data or of many other (depending on the device you are using, e.g., phones just have your face and ATMs have many).

Step 4

Now that the system has your facial diagram, next time when you keep your face in front of the system, the system recognizes it.

Uses of facial recognition:

Facial recognition is much more helpful than any other kinds of biometric identifications. It is considered to be the most authentic, and hence it has many uses. Some of the purposes of facial recognition are given as under:


The very first use of facial recognition is that it is recommended as the most safe and secure method of identification. It is because other ways can be manipulated easily, but facial recognition is very hard to mislead. It scans the face totally and hence could not be fooled easily. No masks or just showing the picture would work in front of it. It recognizes only in 3D, i.e., a real face, not an image.


Facial recognition saves our time mostly. It is because you do not have to set a long password. Sometimes keeping a password takes time because maybe you can not remember your password at that time. It will take time to remember, or even if you keep a password you keep it complex so that no one can guess it. But typing this complex password takes time while your face recognizations take a few seconds only.

Helps blind people:

A great use of facial expressions is that it is used to support the blind. It is because they can not see. Hence they cannot keep passwords, codes, etc. for their devices as they won’t be able to type them. So, it is more convenient for them to keep a facial identification so that they can keep their faces in front of the device and it will recognize and open it, by their self.

Things that use the technology of facial recognition:

Nowadays the use of facial recognition has increased.  Facial recognition has become famous as it is more convenient and safer. For this reason, there are many applications of facial recognition. Some of these applications are as follows:

  • Smartphones
  • Retail crime identification
  • Social media recognition
  • Bank lockers
  • Safes
  • Health sector

1.   Smartphones:

The smartphones that we use today have a feature of facial recognition. There are screen locks that give the option of facial recognition. iPhones have this option nowadays very commonly. In this option, you just give your facial identity to the phone, and it memorizes it. It works as your screen lock, so every time you want to open your phone, you keep your face in front of it and it scans your face and opens only if it is the face feed in the system.

2.   Retail crime identification:

Retail crime is basically shoplifting. Now shopkeepers have set up the technology of facial recognition in their shops exits mostly. So, if any certain person is shoplifting the face of that person may be captured in the camera data, and afterward, when the thief is caught, it will quickly scan and recognize the face. It is because it is set up in such a manner that whenever someone tries to take something that is not paid for or maybe tries to escape when caught, it immediately takes a picture and later on recognizes that person.

3.  Social media recognition:

Our social media account has also diverted towards the technology of facial recognition. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. are using these facial identifiers. They also follow the same process. This technology is enabled only through smartphones. Just like you can set up your face recognition for your home screen, you can also set it up for your applications which include all the social media applications.

4. Bank lockers:

Bank locker has also developed the method of facial recognition. When a customer opens a bank account and is given a bank locker nowadays, their facial scans are taken. Then afterward when they want to access to their bank account or want to check the status of their bank locker, they go through the process where their facial identity is first asked and if their face matches the ones in the record, then only they can access to the lockers.

5. Safes:

Another important application of facial recognition are the safes that are used in our houses, banks or any company. These safes are mostly used to keep valuables. They are used in homes to keep money or jewels and in banks also for the same purpose. In some companies, they are used to keep valuables such as diamonds, gems, etc. These are also protected through a facial recognition in which one face is fed into the system and the system only open the safe when that face is shown to it.

6. Health sectors:

Health sectors often use facial recognition systems nowadays so that to know the condition of a patient. It is possible as in many diseases the expressions or facial structure of people might change. So, it is an easy way to find out those changes. The face recognition machine will not identify the patient if there are any major changes on the face. It will help the doctors analyze the patient and find what the actual cause of the health issue is.

Disadvantages of facial recognition:

As they say,” Nothing is perfect”! So, in the same way, facial recognition also has some cons that may be dangerous for the users of this system. It does not have too many drawbacks, but there are a few of them. These are:

Security threats:

Yes, facial recognition is not adequately secured. There are some ways to penetrate this technology as well. People might force the person whose device is it to show their face to the screen. Today greed has also increased; you do not know who will betray you. So even an identical twin can use their face to access to your devices. And there are plastic surgeries also. I know this may seem filmy but greed can do anything and when people are greedy for money they might get their face altered with any rich person.

Life risks:

Our lives can be at risk while we use facial recognition technology. As mentioned above greedy people might threaten to show your face to the camera. Attackers might steal your identity and then kill you. They can harm you after using your face identity. They may also do this that they would kidnap any of your loved ones and then in ransom might ask you to open your devices with your facial recognition. Hence it can be a lot dangerous as well.

Computer mistakes:

The machine used for facial recognition might also make some errors. These mechanical errors can be very unsafe for us. Sometimes there might be some virus in the device due to which it will identify the wrong person’s face who might also be in the records. It might even not recognize you sometimes, maybe because of the lightning or maybe because when you gave your identification, you were wearing makeup; hence it does not identify without makeup or vice versa.

Expensive and costly:

Facial recognition systems are overpriced sometimes. Not in smartphones, of course, because in phones you only have to buy the phone and the rest is done by the phone only. It means that the phone has this feature and you do not have to buy it separately. But when in banks and larger companies you have to buy a facial recognition system and set it up, and it may cost you a fortune.


As a whole, we can say that facial recognition is an advantageous method to detect and identify any person. But it also has some flaws. So if we solve these flaws and work on them, then we can use facial recognition devices easily. The ways in which we can resolve these issues are:

  • By decreasing the costs of these machines and improving profit margin.
  • By minimizing computer error
  • Checking for all security issues
  • By making proper adjustments and updates in the system

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