What Is HTTPS? How Does It Secure Your Connection?

With the constant increase in social networking, a huge amount of sensitive information is being transmitted through the websites which can be easily accessed by a cybercriminal.

In order to protect the personal information of its users, Twitter and Facebook have recently acted and had set up an optional secure connection namely HTTPS. This article will help you gain knowledge regarding HTTPS and how to enable it on any website that supports it.

What Does The Acronym HTTPS Stand For?

The acronym HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is a secure form of HTTP. It is the protocol that is used to secure the data exchanged between for say, a browser and a website. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS is for ‘SECURE’ which ensures that all the data exchanged is encrypted. HTTPS is an essential protocol that secures classified online business information like online shopping and transactions. A padlock icon in the address bar indicates that the site being used as an HTTPS connection.

The cryptographic protocols used for network connection encryption are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). One of these two protocols is used by HTTPS to multiply the website’s security.

How Does HTTPS Secure Your Connection?

HTTPS is a service that can only be enabled when offered by the websites. You cannot just simply turn it on. This service is provided by many websites but sadly most do not offer HTTPS at default and even converting HTTP to HTTPS manually is troublesome and therefore is dismissed.

However, the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension, provided by Electron Frontier Foundation (EFF) for free, enforces SSL connections on numerous websites and lets you use HTTPS instead of HTTP whenever possible. This extension is utilized by many browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to keep crucial Web traffic secure from prying eyes.


HTTPS Everywhere stores hundreds of websites supporting HTTPS. If on that list you are unable to locate any website then you can manually add it. Likewise, if you want to exempt a website then you can undo the green checkmark and prevent HTTPS Everywhere from making a secure connection. It is important to note that the defaults of the website itself won’t be nullified and for some tasks may still bring in effect a secure connection.

Use HTTPS is another similar browser extension that is available on Chrome and currently supports Twitter and Facebook.


You are currently trapped in a system where whatever you do is monitored. Privacy has vanished completely and social networking is bound to leave a digital trail. If you want to make your data and network security and enjoy the benefits of the Internet then you must stand up to the challenge of securing your data.

To be more precise, your financial and personal information must not at any cost fall into the hands of a hacker. For this purpose, you require a secure connection immediately!

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