WordPress: Is It The Best CMS? – Find Deep Insights

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software which keeps a fast improvement pace with the passing time. WordPress was just a blogging system when it initiated its services; however, it now has immensely evolved as a whole content management system.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source project which is being used by many individuals all around the globe. The best thing WordPress provides you is that its services are absolutely free regardless of any terms and conditions.

WP gives you the freedom to use, modify, build-up and redistribute the software in a way you want.  You can create a free account at wordpress.com and easily build a website of your own, using this CMS software.

It is installed on a server and a number of settings configured, however, one should expect at least two or three major updates from the software. These updates are necessary for the developer whether it is WordPress or the plug-ins.

There are four major building blocks on which the WordPress software is maintained; Theme, Plug-ins, Widgets, and Content files.

Why is WP (WordPress) The Best CMS?

WordPress is the most used CMS software and that’s because it offers some of the robust features which provide you ease and engaging site appearance. According to W3Tech’s survey, WordPress share 59% of all the CMS all around the world.

Here are the few advantages which I think makes it as the best CMS software to use.

Requires Less Efficiency

WP shares the largest market due to the ease it provides the internet users in terms of establishing an account. WordPress CMS help regulate website with a less trained staff.

Their interface is as simple as the desktop publishing software you use today without the requirement of coding experience or prior knowledge.

Provides Greater Options for Customization

With this CMS software, the developers have a greater hand to customize their framework according to their website’s nature and requirements. Their modified layouts, themes and applications boost the usability of WordPress to a greater level.

Additionally, it offers you the user-generated extensions, evacuating the need for enterprise extensions.

Open Source with Thousands of Plug-ins

WordPress is software that can be self-hosted and due to this, there is no need for payments to download, install or upgrade. WP plug-ins have a huge list that is exceeding a count of 50,000 including slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, etc, among which most of them are absolutely free.

Anyone Could Use It

As mentioned before, WordPress was previously a blogging system for the ones who don’t have tech expertise. It provides the written and recorded manuals for a newbie to understand the WP functioning easily.

Less Setup and Maintenance Costs

As compared to other CMS software, WordPress allows more efficient functionality with lower setup, maintenance, and customization costs. However, in case of further development and customization, you could find WordPress designers and developers more easily.

What Are The Security Risks

At many points, you could experience security vulnerabilities after you create a website on WordPress. With the intentions of administrative control, the hackers access your site through various channels such as your login page, PHP code on your site, old or unmaintained web application, etc.

However, such intrusion by a malicious entity is for website data theft, to spamvertize, to attack any other site, to host malicious content and avoid filters, and many others.

But, here I will provide you the insights about some common security issues with WordPress software.

Brute Force Attacks

This is the simplest way in which a hacker could access your WordPress account. This refers to a trial and error method in which various attempts of username and password combinations are entered until the correct one is discovered.

This is possible due to a lack of WP which doesn’t hinder various login attempts by default. In case, the hacker is unsuccessful to access your account then also such attempts could overload your system.

PHP code Exploits

Security lacks inside WordPress website’s PHP code is also a major risk the WP account holders have. The PHP code is the feature which runs your WordPress website along with your plug-ins and theme.

A hacker could use vulnerable code to load remote files which eventually give website control to him. Through this common attacking technique, a malicious entity could gain access to your WordPress wp-config.php file, which is one of the most important files in your WordPress installation.

SQL Injections

Such kind of security issue occurs when an attacker invades your WordPress database and to your entire website data through MySQL database that is used by WP to operate.

This allows the hacker to create a new admin level user account that in future provides him to log-in and have complete access to your WordPress website.

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

This is the most common vulnerability found within WordPress plugins. A simple description of such mechanism is that the hacker initiates a way through which the victim is propelled to load web pages with insecure javascript. These scripts are then used to steal data from the victim’s browser.


Malware is a common security vulnerability to which almost every internet entity is aware. Malware is a code which is used to gain illegitimate access to a website to gather sensitive data. Among various malware infections, WordPress is prone to four most common malware;

  • Malicious redirects
  • Backdoors
  • Pharma hacks
  • Drive-by downloads

How to Enhance WordPress Security

The above discussed WP security vulnerabilities are more or less the result of negligent behavior towards privacy measures. However, control on several factors could eliminate the potential threats.

Have Strong Password and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

A simple password which doesn’t have the combination of characters could easily fall your prey in a hacking attack. Therefore, it is best to keep a password that is more than 8 characters with a combination of numbers, alphabets, and symbols. Also, try to change your password regularly and avoid having the same password for a prolonged period.

Two-factor authentication is an additional security feature which provides a code after the password is entered from a new device. Through this feature, the risk of brutal attacks almost vanishes.

Keep a Backup and Ensure Regular Updates

Backup is a necessary prevention that evacuates the loss which is witnessed after a cyber attack. In case, your data is lost in WordPress vulnerability, you have a backup of it.

However, the updates launched by WordPress software are to provide better security as it was before. Ignoring these updates could be the greatest mistake, so make sure that you don’t have a pending update.

Install WordPress Security Plug-in

WordPress has many security plug-ins such as iThemes Security which is to enhance protection. iThemes makes the most important security settings simple that is through a single click.

Make Sure to Have Proper Permissions on your Server

Remember to have proper permission for all directories on your server which enables you to control the access permission of individuals to read, create or edit files.

Don’t Forget to Perform Malware Scans

Have a focused and scheduled planning against the malware invasions by performing regular malware scans. Plugins like iThemes Security Pro gives you an option to check website’s malware status along with various blacklisting statuses.

WordPress Security Plugins  

WordPress plugins are great security extensions that enhance the development of a website. With thousands of plugins, the software provides you wider opportunity to add new features and better functionalities to your project.

These plugins are offered by WordPress as well as from the third-parties such as Github.

A common question puzzled by most individuals is, what can WP plug-ins do?

Previously, the WP software was just to create blogs, but now they have an extraordinarily increased range of features and this is just because of these plug-ins. Whether it is SEO improvement, performance enhancement, the addition of a contact form, social media buttons, gallery formation or any other task, WP plug-in is a simple solution.

You can find these plug-ins from WordPress.org plugin directory or could simply search them directly from your WordPress admin area.

Best hosting WordPress

WordPress hosting is a potential component to enhance website performance through boosting SEO and helping rise in sales. You have a range of options to select between hosting such as free, dedicated, shared, VPS and managed WordPress hosting.

For your feasibility, I would like to mention some necessary requirements that you should keep in mind while selecting a hosting for your site. WP is light-weight software which has simple requirements;

  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher

However, the range and intensity of requirements vary between the website owned by you and any other person.

Final Words

If you are thinking to create a website with all the enhanced features than WordPress is the most appropriate option. From simplest functionality to a complicated development, the software has the potentiality with its efficient content management system.